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Link: Eat Love Kill: Blood Pact Episode 15 Recap and Review

Link: Eat, Love, Kill (링크: 먹고 사랑하라 죽이게) is a fantasy drama series directed by Hong Jong-chan and starring Yeo Jin-goo and Mun Ka-young in the lead roles. The series consists of 16 episodes and will resume on tvN’s Monday and Tuesday slot at 10:30 p.m. KST, previously occupied by Doberman Military Prosecutor. The series will air from June 06, 2022 to July 26, 2022.

eat love kill episode 14 lasts 59 minutes and is titled The link.

Disney+ describes the series as follows:


– Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15 Recap Contains Major Spoilers –

Link: Eat, Love, Kill episode 15 begins with Da-hyun sensing Gye-hoon’s feelings. Standing in front of the restaurant, she puts two and two together and realizes that Gye-hoon might be in trouble. After telling him he needs her, she rushes over to comfort him, while slowly realizing that Gye-hoon feels everything she feels with her.

Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15

Afterwards, the two sit down to discuss their findings and how people could be so heartless – that if everyone around them had been a little more sympathetic, then this horrible cycle of guilt and hate. could have been avoided. Gye-hoon later mentions that she was right before that they can’t be together and it’s better they break up.

Da-hyun, in turn, kisses her and agrees to her suggestion. It’s a heartbreaking night for our two leads as they realize the gravity of the situation, and Da-hyun can’t help but sob after seeing that Gye-hoon’s window isn’t lit as usual. ‘habit. He’s not doing any better at home either.

Meanwhile, Jung-ho, still attached to Young-hun’s warehouse, begs his friend to kill him and then kill himself as there is no way out for him anymore. Young-hun seems angry at the suggestion, and the next day the police station is in turmoil as they have no news from Jung-ho.

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Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15
Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15

Meanwhile, Da-hyun learns from Jin-hoo that he has decided to close the restaurant. Da-hyun acts normal with her family later on in an attempt to hide her feelings so that Gye-hoon can feel happy with her as well. On the other hand, Gye-hoon packs up to leave, and Min-jo and Won-tak share their feelings for each other after she tries to take him back to the police station.

As things are put in boxes and the restaurant is emptied, there is also a feeling of emptiness among the people of the neighborhood. Da-hyun, too, feels the emptiness inside her. As time passes and Gye-hoon finds a different place to open her restaurant, Da-hyun, too, finds things to occupy herself.

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Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15
Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15

Later, Da-hyun and his family go to the police station to be questioned about Jin-geun’s death. Things are going well and the family seems confident, but here we learn that Chun-ok is not Bok-hee’s biological mother. Later that day, Da-hyun is asked to clean up the restaurant with Gye-hoon and the gang, but she refuses the offer and goes to study instead.

However, unable to concentrate, she finds herself in an arcade, remembering her memories with Gye-hoon and feeling heartbroken. As Won-tak and Min-jo learn from Young-hwan, who Jin-geun was with that night, Da-hyun is picked up by Young-hun, but she declines the offer. Da-hyun remembers what he did to her and Gye-young all those years ago, but remembers she can’t let him know.

Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15 Ending

Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15
Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15

Things go awry when Da-hyun ends up in an alley and finds Young-hun following him. As he gives chase, Gye-hoon, who has left his deep fear behind, rushes to find her, as do Bok-hee and Chun-ok, whom Da-hyun calls out to just before being chased. Gye-hoon, meanwhile, calls and informs Won-tak when he receives no response from him on the phone.

As he chases her through these alleys, he hears Da-hyun’s phone ring and is horrified to find him lying on the road. Facing immediate danger and with no way to call for help, Young-hun finds Da-hyun hiding in a store. Meanwhile, Gye-hoon rushes around the redevelopment block after feeling the same feeling she felt when Gye-young disappeared and rushes to save Da-hyun from suffering the same fate.

By a stroke of luck, Gye-hoon finds Young-hun just in time before the latter stabs Da-hyun and sure enough, the two start fighting fiercely against each other. Gye-hoon falls unconscious and, unfortunately, Young-hun stabs Da-hyun. When Gye-hoon comes to, he beats Young-hun’s real shit and then chokes him unconscious. He immediately rushes to Da-hyun, unaware that Young-hun has returned. However, before the latter can cause more damage, Won-tak and the team go there to apprehend Young-hun.

In the end, as Da-hyun writhes in pain, she realizes how bonded she is to Gye-hoon – when they were kidnapped, Da-hyun and Gye-young shared intensely close moments to comfort each other. . As they tried to escape, Gye-young made her friend promise that if she couldn’t get out of the situation alive, she had to tell her brother something. Ever since she’d forgotten her memories, she’s never been able to tell him – that it wasn’t his fault and that he shouldn’t cry about it.

The promise bound Gye-young and Da-hyun together in this moment of despair, fear, and anxiety. In turn, this also bonded Da-hyun to Gye-hoon. Either way, as Da-hyun is taken to the ambulance, she finally fulfills her promise made to her friend 18 years ago, leaving Gye-hoon in a crying mess but letting him come to terms with the tragedy.

Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15 Review

Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15
Still Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 15

What an enjoyable episode it was. However, I have to say that I don’t care about the antagonist in this story because he had no impact on me. The script didn’t really do that to make an impact, and it was suddenly presented without a background.

That being said, this chase sequence and eventual crescendo because of it was thrilling and entertaining and kept me hooked. I almost thought Young-hun would hurt Da-hyun more before Gye-hoon found them, but it’s good that they stopped before things got bad. The action sequence between Young-hun and Gye-hoon was also excellent and totally believable.

I have to mention here that Yeo Jin-goo is excellent in this episode and so good at driving Gye-hoon’s emotions forward, especially in the last scenes. The absolute last scene with his sister was heartbreaking because you know it’s over, but as he gets the answers he’s been trying to find for 18 years, you know it’s going to be hard to move on.

Overall, I found this episode enjoyable. It would have been better if they had made another character the antagonist, which actually impacted us more since the previous episodes. That being said, I’m really interested to know Young-hun’s reasoning and why he did what he did.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill airs on Disney+.

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