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Link Tank: “We’re Not Talking About Bruno” from Encanto Hits Number One

“Warner Bros. is once again trying to reboot the ever-popular Batman franchise. This time it’s director Matt Reeves (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) behind the camera and dusk veteran Robert Pattinson under the hood. The new film, simply called The Batmanit looks like it will take things back to the era of Christopher Nolan, with a dark and dark story but still somewhat grounded in reality.

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Time travel has populated sci-fi cinema for years, but no sci-fi movie has been quite like it. About time. Here’s why you should rewatch the romantic drama film.

“Rachel McAdams KNOWS a thing or two about love…and time travel. The charismatic actor has starred in many romantic films, but can any of his other contemporaries also say he played a time traveler’s wife twice?Four years later, McAdams took a much lighter spin on the role, playing an effortlessly romantic role opposite Domhnall Gleeson’s clumsy time traveler in About time. Richard Curtis’ 2013 romantic drama, now streaming on Netflix, is a heartwarming drama with a sci-fi twist that unravels big ideas about our relationship with time.

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The highly anticipated sequel to the Halloween classic Hocus Pocus is about to drop on Disney+, well, this Halloween!