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Link’s Adventure Journal actually reveals his true feelings for Mipha

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, Link’s true feelings for Mipha are found when the adventure journal is translated from English to Japanese.

One of the four champions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mipha, is known to have a very close relationship with the main protagonist, Link. Most of the interactions Link has in the main questline for Zora’s Domain and The Divine Beast Vah Ruta are very indicative of Mipha’s feelings for the hero, though it’s not always clear if those feelings are reciprocated. However, there are critical differences in the Japanese version of Link’s adventure journal and dialogue between the characters that reveal much more about Link’s opinion of the Zora champion. While the English version makes Mipha feel like a superficial love interest, the original Japanese version gives Mipha more character depth and reveals Link’s personal thoughts about her.


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Although it seems that many ZeldaThe Zora Princesses are in love with Link, Mipha shares a deep personal bond with the hero. Through breath of the wild, players will learn that Link and Mipha were childhood friends and spent a lot of time together before taking on their respective roles as Knight of Hyrule and Champion. This information is revealed in the memories of the past that Link finds while looking at the statue of Mipha in Zora’s domain. In the memory, Mipha heals Links’ arm and implies that she often did this when they were younger. Along with many instances where Mipha’s love for the knight is revealed, a Japanese translation of the Adventure Log also shows Link’s love for Mipha.

Even though in BOTW each of the four champions are dead, their memories living on and slowly revealing themselves to Link throughout the match. Additionally, many of the characters the hero encounters will also reveal information about the champion, and entering Zora’s domain is no different. Mipha’s brother, Sidon, tells Link that Mipha had feelings for him and Mipha’s father expresses to Link that he welcomed the idea of ​​a marriage between the two. The Zora armor also indicates Mipha’s romantic feelings for the Hylians. Although the Adventure Log in its English translation does not appear to specify Link’s personal thoughts on Mipha, the Japanese translation does.

In BOTW’s Japanese translation, the link refers to Mipha as a loved one

The BOTW Japanese translation suggests that Link and Mipha might have had a romantic relationship.

According to a YouTube video by creator QuestWithAaron, Mipha, a character some consider to be breath of the wildThe best princess of is someone whose caring Link expresses in his adventure journal, calling her beloved. The English translation simply refers to Mipha as being special for Link, but the word used in Japanese may actually have a more specific meaning. The word can mean a mutual love between two people that is cut short or cannot come to fruition for some reason. This translation of the meaning of the word seems more accurate to the situation of Mipha and Links.

In an entry that comes after Link has obtained Mipha’s grace and returns to speak to King Dorephan, there is another instance where BOTWThe English translation of the newspaper modifies the link. In English, the entry states that the player has won one of the Champions Charms, while the Japanese log states that Link, writing in first person, will now be able to put Mipha’s wish into action. Mipha’s Grace or Mipha’s Wish is to protect everyone who is dear to him and Link expresses that he will finally be able to grant Mipha’s wish. It is clear, in the Japanese translation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild‘s Adventure Log, that Mipha and Link both share a love and care for each other and that perhaps under different circumstances they could have been romantic partners.

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Source: QuestWithAaron/YouTube

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