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Losing that store link on Instagram Stories? How to continue adding to cart

Ads on Instagram Stories are a great way to shop, but just one click and they can disappear from the Instagram interface. Here’s how to find it.

Instagram Stories is a great place online to kill time and relieve boredom. purchases. Sometimes targeted ads appear between Stories generated by the app. Clicking on it takes users to either the ad creator’s Instagram store profile or the official website outside of Instagram. In some cases, users can even complete their purchases without leaving Instagram, making the add to cart experience relatively easy and perhaps a bit addicting.

Instagram ads are generated based on the accounts users follow and the posts they interact with on Instagram and Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), as well as their browsing activity outside of the two platforms. Unlike ads that appear on the Instagram feed, those that appear in stories are affected by the app’s 15-second limit for a post to appear and then disappear when the links aren’t leveraged in time. Users also tend to accidentally leave the page related to these ads before completing an in-app purchase. By the time they return to the main Instagram interface, the ad that appeared between the stories is already gone.


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It would be easy to find products appearing in an Instagram Story ad if it was a brand or item that a user already knew or followed on Instagram. What if this is an entirely new product or brand for the person buying? Instagram’s advertising activity is a page that summarizes all of the adverts that a user has interacted with or pressed. This includes ads accessed through the main Instagram feed as well as through Instagram Stories.

What to do when an Instagram story ad is accidentally closed

Instagram Shopping Stories

To get back on your feet while shopping online on iOS or Android devices, when you accidentally close the page generated by an Instagram Story ad, tap the profile icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Next, tap on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner, then tap Settings (gear icon). Then go to “Ads”, then “Advertising activity”. This page will contain a carousel of Story ads that were recently clicked on in the app. So if a user was purchasing an item through an ad and accidentally closed the page before finishing, this is where the ad can be viewed again to resume shopping.

Instagram’s advertising activity also hosts a stream of sponsored content posted by the brands associated with previously clicked Story ads. This feed is another great way to add more items to the cart that otherwise wouldn’t previously be on a user’s radar. Highly adaptive online marketplaces like Facebook and Instagram are quickly becoming popular platforms for shopping due to the variety of ways they offer products to purchase from the comfort of a buyer’s home. Whether via the dedicated Shop tab, the feed, the Stories and of course the advertisements.

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