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Man loses RM4,600 after clicking SMS link, scammers use Barisan Nasional name to steal

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We all love free things from the government, especially money.

This is why scams always prey on the weaknesses of human nature.

And of course, people continue to become victims.

Recently, a man complained that he received an SMS from the sender “GOV” on his mobile phone.

The message informed Clinton Khor, 27, that he had received special assistance from the Barian Nasional government.

He indicated that the amount had been transferred to his Touch ‘n Go e-wallet and asked him to click on a link to confirm the amount received.

A screenshot of the alleged fake SMS. (Photo: WOB)

too late to be sorry

Khor, who shared his misfortune with Buzz’s Worldended up losing RM4,600.

After clicking the link, Khor was directed to a Touch ‘n Go e-wallet login page.

He suspected something was wrong after entering his login information twice and still couldn’t log in.

Feeling suspicious, he checked his Touch ‘n Go e-wallet app and noticed several unauthorized transactions.

There were 16 transactions totaling RM4,890 which were automatically recharged to his Touch ‘n Go account via his bank-linked credit card.

Another nine transactions totaling RM4,547 transferred his money to another bank account via DuitNowa simple and convenient way to transfer money.

Do not abandon

Seeing the transactions, he called the bank to cancel the transaction and refund the money.

He also called Touch ‘n Go afterwards to report the scam and asked to freeze his account so he could get his money back.

Khor claimed that Touch ‘n Go rejected his request because the transactions were verified using OTP (One Time Password).

I only received 2 OTPs that day, but 16 transactions entered and nine exited. It is clear that scammers automatically top up and transfer funds without any form of confirmation.

Scam victim Clinton Khor disputes Touch ‘n Go’s explanation.

Khor has filed a police report and an investigation into the bank is ongoing.

He blames no one and needs the money for his studies.

Khor even created a online petition ask financial institutions to allow users to cancel a transaction.

Once bitten, twice shy

Touch ‘n Go had reminded customers to beware of scammers.

Please note that Touch ‘n Go will never ask you for your personal and/or banking information, such as your bank account number, OTP number, PIN or password.

Users are advised to reconfirm any information relating to Touch ‘n Go directly with the company via its helpline number 03-5022 3888 or contact them on official social media platforms.

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