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Mardi Link: The Planets and the Court Aligned | News


In 1987, spiritualists, poets and other deep thinkers looked up to the skies with a sense of anticipation.

Tabloid astrologers had just assured their readers that the Earth was aligned with five other planets – plus the Sun and Moon – creating a serendipity that we humans couldn’t actually see, and our little brains couldn’t. not fully understand.

Fast forward 35 years.

In 2022, not 48 hours after this newspaper published a column in which I was poetic about the sacred duty of jury duty, a letter on this same subject from the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office showed up unexpectedly in my mailbox.

What could these two events have in common, you might be wondering.

The answer is that since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, a startling coincidence of such epic proportions has come out of nowhere to alter my thinking and change my view of the world.

I mean, if the tabloid astrologers of the 1980s had the mental power to line up the largest orbs in the cosmos, and a single newspaper column can seemingly summon official correspondence almost instantly, what is this space might be able to conjure up else?

It’s time to find out.

Because now that I think about it, there are things that I have never said before, but that I gladly make public, here, now.

For starters, I love scratch off lottery tickets.

In particular tickets for the $5 Cashword game, which I sometimes buy at Roy’s General Store or at the nearby Shell gas station.

It would be nice if whoever the Michigan Lottery contracts with to print these tickets used ink colors with more contrast, so shoppers imagining what they would do with $300,000 could tell whether they won or not.

Just to be clear, I would be in favor of buying a winner, even before this ink issue is fixed.

Don’t worry about what I would do with the money.

Moving on – aside from fall and summer, spring is my favorite season and it would be a good time for it to show up.

When it does, I wish some subterranean predator or some other unseen force would take care of the worms that grow fat and happy on the roots of the grass in my yard and then attract the moles that dig tunnels to through the remaining lawn. I am also placing an order for a few days next month with no rain, snow, hail, sleet or 50 mph winds.

No particular weather demands, however, regarding the first or last week of May, as I will be spending that time indoors, participating in our system of self-government and one of the most fundamental rights that exist in our country.

Or at least that’s what the letter from the sheriff’s office said I would do.

Metaphorical planets aligned. And I was chosen to sit on not just one, but two juries.

The pen apparently has a power that my little human brain can barely comprehend.