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Massive Causeway Jams & Tuas Second Link Monday, M’sian Blames S’pore’s System & Gets Slammed By Others – Mothership.SG

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Impressive traffic jams were spotted on the Causeway and Tuas Second Link road links to Malaysia on the morning of October 17.

A Facebook post in the “Malaysia-Singapore Border Crossers” group included photos of what looked like massive lines of vehicles running from Malaysia to Singapore.

The photos appeared to have been taken from an app that monitors traffic along road links.

MSBC FB group photo.

There still appeared to be a traffic jam along the Tuas and Woodlands routes at 11.35am, according to the OneMonitoring website run by the Land Transport Authority.

Photo by OneMonitoring SG.

Photo by OneMotoringSG

The lane for incoming traffic from Malaysia was significantly more congested than the lane going to Malaysia.

Photo by One Motoring SG.

As of 12:40 p.m., the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) Twitter account reported no technical issues on October 17.

An ICA spokesperson said Mothership that no technical faults were reported on the morning of October 17, but that it was raining.

This could have resulted in long queues as people tend to drive slower.

The user who posted the photos is apparently a Malaysian who lives in Singapore.

Its caption, translated, reads: “Angry with Malaysian Customs, but the finger cutting system in Singapore is still shoddy and useless.”

In response, several commentators pointed out that the blockage was likely due to the large number of Malaysians crossing the border to work in Singapore after the weekend, rather than technical failures.

One commenter said in a comment (translated): It wasn’t the system that broke down, but as so many Malaysians work in Singapore, the system can’t budge. Even though there were a lot of computers, beg your pardon.”

MSBC FB group photo.

Another said (translated): “More and more Malaysians are working in Singapore these days, even more than before Covid-19. Don’t even say that humans, even machines wear out because thousands people come in and out.”

“So don’t blame the Singapore system or the Malaysian system. If you want to work in Singapore, you have to put up with it. But no, every day, just complain. Every day there is a jam, however small or big, it’s always a jam, isn’t it?

Screenshot of MSBC FB group.

Malaysian media recently reported that the automated customs clearance system at the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) checkpoint at the Sultan Iskandar building will be suspended for nearly a month starting October 16.

Top image from MSBC FB and OneMotoring group.