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MLB Prospect Analysis: The Missing Link – Power

With the introduction of analytics to the mainstream in recent years, even a casual gamer can dig deeper into the nuances of a particular gamer than ever before. While this is all fantastic for those who have a good grasp of it, it can quickly become overwhelming for those who aren’t ready to organize it. To simplify the process, I’m going to look at the scouting notes of different prospects and group them into player types. The goal is to identify prospects with above-average hitting tool, as well as speed, but lacking the in-game home run power necessary to be considered a five-category producer at this point. . Some have already started to show signs of more power to come, but none of them have yet hit 20 home runs in a season.

As most roto players know, high-end stolen base threats with high batting averages will always have some level of appeal in fantasy leagues. But players who can add power while retaining the other skills often become the top prospects and possible early-round picks in the overhaul. That being said, this particular profile holds a special place in my heart as I search for the next big lifter in the prospect world. I will end up loading several of these guys because the profit potential is so appealing if even just one of them clicks. Simply put, a typing tool and speed are building blocks for a difference maker in fantasy. Power is an easier tool to develop than other skills, and while it never fully blossoms, the profile still has value.

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24 MLB prospects missing a tool – Power

Top 25 Prospects with #1 Overall Edge

CJ Abrams, SS, SD (21/AA)
Noëlvi Marte, SS, SEA (20/A+)
Corbin Carroll, DE, ARI (21/A+)
Robert Hassell III, OF, SD (20/A+)
Luis Matos, OF, SF (20/A)
Zac Veen, DE, COL (20/A)

This tier is packed with some of baseball’s hottest prospects. Most of them are already considered top 25 prospects on various lists. But there is yet another level for every player if they can keep progressing in the power department. Every player could become the baseball dynasty’s top prospect in a year. There is a significant difference between a prospect in the top 25 and #1 overall, especially in terms of business value. Even though their skills have remained stagnant, these players should still be considered premium prospects. The first signs of an extra home run for one of those players would cause a stir in the prospect community. Each of these prospects is a smart investment in Dynasty startups. If you’re still in the middle of a rebuild, these are highly recommended targets.

Top 100 prospects with another level

Vidal Brujan, 2B, VG (23/AAA)
Alek Thomas, DE, ARI (21/AAA)
Oswald Peraza, SS, NYY (21/AAA)
Brayan Rocchio, SS, CLE (21/AA)
Michael Harris II, DE, ATL (20/A+)
Liover Peguero, SS, PIT (21/A+)

You’ll find these prospects on a vast majority of top 100 lists. It could be argued that a few of them rank first, but there is enough variance in their rankings that there is an opportunity for profit. Each of these players is a fantastic target who could step up to the next echelon. The appeal of this tier is the price reduction compared to higher ranked players. If you can’t afford the cost of a more popular player, each of these prospects offers some serious benefits without a huge price tag. Some managers who are already deeply entrenched in a “win now” mindset might find that the proximity of some of these players offsets the tantalizing advantage of players who have not yet reached the upper levels of the minors.

Deeper perspectives with intrigue

Jose Salas, SS, MIA (18/A)
Luisangel Acuna, 2B, TEX (19/A)
Jose Rodriguez, 2B, ASC (20/AA)
Felix Valerio, 2B, MIL (21/A+)
Johan Rojas, OF, PHI (21/A+)
Ezequiel Tovar, SS, COL (20/A+)

This group is made up of players you’ll find sprinkled deeper on prospect lists. One couple made an appearance in the top 100, while others linger a little deeper. Once we get past baseball’s most notable prospects, player consensus tends to become less stable. There are opportunities in this range to land intriguing types that can be underestimated even without any additional powers. Investing in players with this combination of tools that are not considered premium talents is a critical aspect of the Dynasty’s long-term success. The price of this group compared to the players above makes it a good place to look for cheaper gear options. A few of these players could blow up the rosters if everything falls into place in 2022.

Rookie Bullet Hideouts

Victor Acosta, SS, SD (17/DSL)
Carlos Jorge, 2B, CIN (18/DSL)
Eddy Beltre, DE, SD (17/DSL)
Jonatan Clase, DE, WED (19/CPX)
Alexander Vargas, SS, NYY (19/CPX)
Luis Durango, OF, CLE (18/CPX)

In the final tier, we have a group that has yet to make their full-season ball debut. These names are recognizable for prospecting dogs, but are probably too far off to be rated a ton in the shallow leagues. Hiding young prospects before they gain mass mainstream appeal is always a solid strategy to implement in deep and competitive dynasty leagues. There is still a wide range of outcomes due to the number of hurdles that remain to be overcome. But every player shows the kind of skill that catches my eye. Some managers prefer players to be about to debut, but taking calculated bets on relatively unknown players can pay off big in the trade market. Including one of these can be the icing on the cake to get you a deal and help you win.

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