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New AI software will link Israeli police, ambulances and firefighters | JNS

The dispatch systems of the three Israeli emergency services are now linked, allowing any of the agencies – the Israel Police, the Israel Fire and Rescue Services and the Magen David Adom (MDA) – to automatically dispatch each other in an emergency rather than contacting them manually, as was the case. previously required.

The interconnection, created by the internal programming unit of MDA, Israel’s emergency medical service, will speed up the flow of information between the three emergency services, which could save time and lives in the emergency situations requiring the intervention of several agencies.

Israelis are currently dialing different emergency phone numbers for police, ambulance and fire (100, 101 and 102, respectively). The advantage of this approach is that callers don’t have to speak with a 911 operator first, as they do in the United States, which can be time-consuming and delay a response by a few minutes.

While callers in Israel only need to dial one number in an emergency, it was the responsibility of the police, fire department or MDA to call or radio other agencies if the emergency demanded their help.

This new three-way connection eliminates the need for this call, allowing MDA’s artificial intelligence and the system put in place by MDA for fire and rescue services to automatically call the necessary resources, even those of other agencies.

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