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New coach Link Jarrett is keeping the roles undefined for now

Link Jarrett no longer has to watch his team train at a distinct disadvantage.

The Florida State freshman baseball coach has spent the past three seasons in the same role at Notre Dame. Meanwhile, the Irish had to share an indoor training room with a handful of other teams on campus.

This includes the track team, who sometimes ran around the indoor track while they practiced.

“When your time expired, your practice was over,” Jarrett said. “It didn’t matter whether you passed the training or not. The lacrosse team was on the field and your time was up.

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Jarrett insists his experience at Notre Dame has made him even more organized and detail-oriented as a coach. Those qualities certainly show in the way he’s coached the Seminoles in the fall ball thus far.

Watch a practice, and this team works at a fairly brisk pace. Positions are loosely defined. And details are everything.

That’s why FSU might seem pretty experimental in hosting Kennesaw State for two six-inning exhibitions on Saturday, starting at 1 p.m.

“I’m not going to put people in crazy situations. But I want to see if some of the infielders can slide to the other half of the field,” Jarrett said. “Like a third baseman can move to second, does one of the second basemen look better on the short or third base? I need to see him, and I need to see him more than once.

Outfielders James Tibbs and Jaime Ferrer, shortstop Jordan Carrion and pitchers Wyatt Crowell, Conner Whittaker and Carson Montgomery are among the Seminoles’ key pieces. FSU also added some intriguing players, including transfer West Virginia wide receiver McGwire Holbrook and top freshmen Cam Smith and Jordan Taylor.

But the Seminoles also have holes to fill.

Their famous Friday and Saturday starting pitchers from last season, Parker Messick and Bryce Hubbart, are gone. Ross Dunn, who started last season as a starter on Sunday before faltering in the streak, was traded to Arizona State in the offseason.

FSU also lost four of eight players who were on its starting lineup for at least 44 games last season: first baseman Alex Toral, infielder Brett Roberts, third baseman/outfielder Logan Lacey and outfielder Reese Albert.

Jarrett knows he has plenty of time before opening day, though. The Seminoles begin the season with James Madison at Dick Howser Stadium on February 17. So he’s treating the fall ball as a period of adjustment, at least so far.

“The first few days, the pace with which we operated was new,” Jarrett said. “And you combine that with new information, new language, new verbiage and new tactics on how you do some of the fundamentals of the team, it’s a lot.

“As we got to day three, I saw them start to really settle in. By the time we got to day four and five, I felt like they had more control over things.

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Continuity of supervision

Jarrett could have continuity of training to speed up the learning process for his players.

After leaving Notre Dame, Jarrett brought four of his assistant coaches with him. Those assistants are Rich Wallace (batting coach/recruiting coordinator), Chuck Ristano (pitching coach), Brad Vanderglas (volunteer assistant coach) and Sean Guite (director of player development).

“Our guys know exactly what we’re doing,” Jarrett said. “So when I put together a training plan, I can hand out six copies and those guys know exactly what’s going on. Then they can relay that information to the players.

“These are tough transitions, much easier when you have connected staff who have been through this together and been successful, and we are fine-tuning things.”

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Dick Howser Stadium Ground Renovation

The FSU baseball team will be playing on a kind of new field.

The Athletic Department replaced turf on all of its athletic fields this offseason. Dick Howser Stadium also now has artificial turf around the entire batter’s box, from behind home plate to the first and third base lines.

“Introducing a bit more artificial turf, and specifically at the pitch, it reduces maintenance,” Jarrett said. “It feels like you’re on a dirt surface. So you’ve seen how artificial turf has evolved over the last 10 or 15 years. It’s fantastic.

“And those hitters’ box lines are down, foul lines will be down, except obviously 24/7 clay. So as we go deeper into that, we’ll have the bunting set up before practice and the guys can come and see everything that’s going on. …

“(They) have been very supportive of me allowing me to put my mark on the playing surface, the dugouts and the cages, and that’s going to help everyone.”

2023 Florida State Baseball Schedule

February 17: vs. James Madison (5 p.m.)

February 18: vs. James Madison (3 p.m.)

February 19: vs. James Madison (1 p.m.)

February 21: in Jacksonville (6 p.m.)

February 24: at the TCU (7:30 p.m.)

February 25: at the TCU (3 p.m.)

February 26: at TCU (TBA)

March 1: vs. USF (5 p.m.)

March 3: vs. Florida Gulf Coast (5 p.m.)

March 4: vs. Florida Gulf Coast (3 p.m.)

March 5: vs. Florida Gulf Coast (1 p.m.)

March 7: vs. Bethune-Cookman (5 p.m.)

March 10: vs. Pittsburgh (6 p.m.)

March 11: vs. Pittsburgh (3 p.m.)

March 12: vs. Pittsburgh (1 p.m.)

March 14: at UCF (6 p.m.)

March 15: at UCF (4 p.m.)

March 17: vs. Boston College (6 p.m.)

March 18: vs. Boston College (3 p.m.)

March 19: vs. Boston College (1 p.m.)

March 21: vs. Florida (6 p.m.)

March 24: in Virginia (6 p.m.)

March 25: in Virginia (1 p.m.)

March 26: in Virginia (1 p.m.)

March 28: vs. Florida in Jacksonville (6 p.m.)

March 31: in Miami (7 p.m.)

April 1: in Miami (1 p.m.)

April 2: in Miami (1 p.m.)

April 4: vs. Jacksonville (6 p.m.)

April 6: vs. Clemson (6 p.m.)

April 7: vs. Clemson (6 p.m.)

April 8: vs. Clemson (2 p.m.)

April 11: at Florida (6 p.m.)

April 14: at NC State (6 p.m.)

April 15: at NC State (6 p.m.)

April 16: at NC State (1 p.m.)

April 19: North Florida (6:05 p.m.)

April 21: vs. Virginia Tech (6 p.m.)

April 22: vs. Virginia Tech (3 p.m.)

April 23: vs. Virginia Tech (1 p.m.)

April 25: vs. Stetson (5 p.m.)

April 28: at Notre Dame (6 p.m.)

April 29: at Notre Dame (3 p.m.)

April 30: at Notre Dame (1 p.m.)

May 5: vs. Mercer (6 p.m.)

May 6: vs. Mercer (3 p.m.)

May 7: vs. Mercer (1 p.m.)

May 9: vs. Jacksonville (6 p.m.)

May 12: vs. Wake Forest (6 p.m.)

May 13: vs. Wake Forest (3 p.m.)

May 14: vs. Wake Forest (1 p.m.)

May 16: vs. Kennesaw State (6 p.m.)

May 18: in Louisville (6 p.m.)

May 19: in Louisville (6 p.m.)

May 20: in Louisville (1 p.m.)

May 23-28: ACC Tournament in Durham, North Carolina

June 2-5: NCAA Regionals

June 9-12: NCAA Super Regionals

June 16-26: World University Series

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