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Nicolette Boele, independent candidate from the community of Bradfield

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Nicolette Boele (pronounced “Buller”) is a resident of Bradfield, having lived in the electorate for 41 of her 51 years. She went to kindergarten, school and college in Bradfield and also worked in the area. Nicolette is passionate about the community of Bradfield and its beautiful natural environment.

Nicolette is a respected clean energy and responsible investment executive who has dedicated her career to taking action on climate change and helping businesses act with integrity to achieve positive environmental and social outcomes, as well as shareholder value.

The daughter of Dutch migrant parents, Nicolette is a proud Australian citizen who strongly believes in shared Australian values ​​of fairness, caring and doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. She renounced her Dutch nationality in December 2021 before announcing her candidacy.

Nicolette Boele. Source: Supplied

Nicolette is truly independent. She has never been a member of any political party, nor a candidate for political office before.

So why did she undertake the grueling task of running for office this year?

“Quite simply, it’s because I agree with the Prime Minister. This year’s election is crucial for our country. All elections are important, but I sincerely believe that this one will be a turning point. We can either carry on as we do – fail to address climate change, avoid the opportunities presented to us to modernize the economy, ignore the lack of accountability for poor and unwarranted spending of hundreds of millions of dollars, and face the unrepresentative nature of our parliament and the behaviors it encourages – or we may change course.

Nicolette believes there is an appetite for change in Bradfield and that this electorate wants to send the message that the modern Liberal Party’s drift away from liberal values ​​and into culture war nonsense is not acceptable.

“I hear people say all the time that the status quo is not good enough. I don’t hear that they want radical change, but I’m told all the time that Liberal voters of old no longer recognize their party and they want a return to traditional values, like respect for the free market, environmental protection for our children and respect for women”.

Nicolette Boele.
Nicolette Boele. Source: Supplied

The government has argued that a vote for independents is a vote for chaos and a “hanging”.

“A ‘hanging parliament’ is just another way of saying that neither major party has absolute control. Naturally, they don’t like that. Think of it as a ‘balanced parliament’ instead. Our parliaments have been moving towards minority governments for at least 20 years. The prospect of a powerful cross-bench, where I would sit, is neither new nor terrifying. We have had independents in every Australian parliament since Federation and the world has not ended. And I think the people of Bradfield want someone who represents them, a modern Bradfield, a diverse, multicultural and highly educated electorate.

What is his message to the people of Bradfield?

“If you want to see a change in the direction of our country, if you are not happy with what the main parties are proposing, then this is the election to be heard. Vote as if your future depended on it”.

More information at

Rob Mills, Campaign Manager: 0459 953 33

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