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No progress to link Mohan Nagar-Vaishali metro as Ghaziabad authorities seek new options

Ghaziabad: Officials of the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) met on Wednesday with five private consultants to discuss the feasibility of constructing a new mass transit system called Metrolite to link Mohan Nagar Station on the Metro Red Line to Vaishali station on the blue line, but the authority’s financial crisis could be a roadblock.

According to officials, Metrolite is an urban transit system planned for cities with lower ridership projections and intended to serve as a feeder system for the existing metro network.

GDA officials said they have discussed with the consultants the feasibility of introducing Metrolite in public-private partnership (PPP) mode to save costs as the authority is currently cash-strapped.

“We held a meeting with five consultants on Wednesday and wanted to know if we could bring Metrolite between Mohan Nagar and Vaishali. They told us that even in PPP, GDA would need to invest money at the beginning and at the end of the project. But we have funding problems. So, we are always looking for options that require less finance or a project that could easily be done in PPP mode without the authority making huge investments,” said Rakesh Kumar Gupta, Chief Engineer of GDA.

Since the beginning of the year, the GDA has been researching alternative options to connect Mohan Nagar station to Vaishali station as well as Noida’s Sector 62 station (also on the Blue Line) due to the high cost involved in connecting of the route via the metro network, but has not progressed so far.

Certainly, in January 2020, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) submitted a project report to the GDA, which found that 1,517 crore would be needed to link Sector 62 and Mohan Nagar metro stations and 1,808.22 crores would be needed to finance the linking of Vaishali and Mohan Nagar metro stations.

The other two options considered by GDA earlier in the year were the construction of a cable car to link Mohan Nagar to Vaishali, an idea which has yet to be fully rejected, and the introduction of Metro Neo to link the two. transit points. Officials said Metro Neo is a rapid transit system providing low-cost, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly urban transportation solutions for Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. It draws its traction power from overhead cables and rolls on the road.

“Metro neo’s feasibility report is still awaited while the maximum cable car ridership is estimated at around 4,500 (one side only), which is low,” Gupta said. To be sure, there has been no survey to indicate desirable ridership so far.

Ghaziabad currently has two metro stations on the blue line and eight stations on the red line.

In the meantime, according to the inhabitants, no transport system other than the metro would be possible to connect the two routes.

“Passengers cannot be expected to use the metro to Mohan Nagar and then break the journey to use another mode of transport to reach Vaishali and then continue to Delhi by metro. Officials do not take into account the practical problems that other modes of transport will pose in the long term, thus wasting any investment. Connecting two metro lines via the metro network is the best option,” said Raj Nagar Advisor Rajendra Tyagi.

Sanjay Singh, Councilor of Shipra Sun City in Indirapuram, said residents of cis-Hindon and trans-Hindon regions have also expressed concerns against alternative modes.

“We have raised the issue with several officials, including state officials. People across the city want metro connectivity so that they can seamlessly connect to Old Delhi as well as New Delhi without switching modes of transport,” Singh added.


    Peeyush Khandelwal writes about a range of issues in Western Uttar Pradesh – from crime to development authorities and infrastructure to transport. Based in Ghaziabad, he has been a journalist for nearly a decade.
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