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Not a gimmick: the Instax Mini Link is the best photo printer I’ve ever bought

It’s not a gimmick: the Instax Mini Link is my favorite photo printer, and the one I use more than any other.

This will undoubtedly rub a lot of people the wrong way. After all, the Instax Mini Link isn’t exactly marketed as a traditional printer, let alone one of the best photo printers. That doesn’t change the fact that, in my opinion, this is the best printer I own.

Let me explain.

Photography is synonymous with sharing. What’s the point of taking a picture if I’m the only one seeing it? The photo may as well not exist. This is all the more true as I am a portrait photographer, by trade and training, so the very explicit goal of my images is that the subject(s) be seen.

This is true on both a personal and professional level. When I shoot for clients, they want to see the results presented in the way they can best enjoy them. Sometimes it’s like an art print, other times it’s like a social media friendly file.

(Image credit: James Artaius)

But without a doubt, the presentation that makes people smile the most? The small physical Instax print, which is kept in a wallet, keepsake box or business card sleeve.

The same goes for personal photos. One of the most valuable gifts I give people is a credit card sized photo printed on the Instax Mini Link. With it, I can turn any image – whether taken with my phone or even my professional cameras – into a treasured memory.

Last month, I gave one of my partners a copy of a selfie we took outside the Sagrada Familia, which she could display on the back of her clear phone case. I also made a full Instax photo album for my best friend, full of highlights from all of our adventures taken over the past nine years of our friendship.

The Instax Mini Link is therefore not only one of the best portable printers. It’s the best way to share the best bits of my work with the people who matter most.

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