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One-Day Amazon Sale Slashes Prices of TP-Link Routers and Smart Home Gadgets

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TP-Link makes a bunch of IoT gadgets that can make your home a little smarter, and now you can pick up a number of them for less. Amazon is offering a one-day sale on TP-Link devices that is bringing many of them down to record low prices. We particularly like the company’s Kasa smart bulbs, which earned a spot in our best smart lights guide. Your fan picks up a two-pack of these multicolored bulbs for $17, which is their Prime Day price. If you prefer white lights, a four-pack of these bulbs is 38% off and $28.

Buy TP-Link Deals at Amazon Buy Kasa Smart Bulbs (2-Pack, Multi-Color) at Amazon – $17 Buy Kasa Smart Bulbs (4-Pack, White) at Amazon – $28

The white and color packs that are on sale are WiFi lights, meaning they don’t need a central smart home hub to work. You’ll simply connect them to your home’s WiFi network via the TP-Link companion app, and then you can control them from your smartphone. The mobile app is pretty easy to use, letting you browse light colors, set schedules, change brightness settings, and even view usage stats by bulb. These TP-Link lights are also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you’ll also be able to control them with voice commands.

Smart lights are some of the easiest IoT gadgets to install in your home, but you can also easily make “dumb” things around your home a little smarter with the right outlets. TP-Link makes a bunch of smart plugs that we’ve recommended in the past, and a few bundles have been discounted in this sale. A pack of four Kasa Mini Smart Plugs is 20% off and $24, while one of the Kasa Outdoor Smart Dimmer Plugs is 40% off and on sale for $18. The former is intended for indoor use only, but it allows you to plug in a coffee maker, kettle, lamp or other items and control them via your smartphone. As with Kasa smart lights, the outlet’s companion app lets you set schedules and check usage for all your devices, and you can use Away Mode to automatically turn things on or off when you’re not. not at home.

Buy Kasa Mini Smart Plugs (4-pack) at Amazon – $24 Buy Kasa Outdoor Smart Plug at Amazon – $18

Finally, many networking gadgets are included in this sale. You can buy Gigabit Ethernet switches for up to 56% off, and a number of routers and mesh systems for less. Among them, the TP-Link Deco AX3000 Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System, which has returned to its Prime Day price of $200, is the most prominent. The bundle includes three Deco X55 routers that you can place around your home to cover up to 6,500 square feet. You’ll be able to connect up to 150 wireless devices to your network, and each node has three Ethernet ports, meaning you have more options for hard-wiring devices for even better speeds if desired.

Buy Deco AX3000 WiFi 6 mesh system on Amazon – $200

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