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One Link Entertainment and LADIVEE Join Legend Group Records

One Link Entertainment is a full-service music artist services company providing global music distribution through The Orchard. One Link Entertainment can provide artist representation and development for studio production, tour management, marketing and promotion, and legal services.

LADIVEE joins One Link Entertainment as owner/manager and has a unique portfolio and has demonstrated success in building its network and influence in the music industry. She has been responsible for identifying and launching many new artists, from Indies to Majors, always striving to bring the best music to the stage. Her straightforward approach to all-around entertainment leads to success for everyone she touches. Many artists from coast to coast have turned to her for management and development, due to her no-nonsense approach and experience working alongside music legends throughout her career.

LADIVEE’s passion for the entertainment industry has guided her in many directions to achieve her interrelated goals. She attended college at Jackson State University and Texas A&M, earning her BS and MS in Business Administration and Marketing. There are so many things in this plant!

Her impressive resume includes executive positions at major independent record labels, to add more to her resume as executive producer for the Crazy Vision project, which was released by groundbreaking Wu-Tang Coalition DJs, “Protect Ya Neck” by Wu-Tang Coalition DJ’s, in addition to debuting as a radio personality, worked with NWA’s first original DJ, King Scratch.

If that’s not enough to add that she started acting at a young age. She has appeared in two major television shows on ABC, AMC along with a host of national television commercials. cable (ion network) and later became Regional President…

Today, she has her own network of radio, consulting and media companies, representing elite Esquire role models and budding musical artists. A true patron of the media, LADIVEE has proven to be a force in the industry and takes on any challenge with success as her only goal.

About Caption Group Records (LGR)

Formed in 2014, Legend Group Records is an independent record label, music production company and music distributor for hundreds of independent artists and other independent record labels. We are a full-service, independent music label and entertainment company that specializes in providing our artists with the support they need to succeed in today’s highly competitive and ever-changing music industry. Distributed worldwide through The Orchard for independent labels and artists, Legend Group Records bridges the gap between the legends of today and the legends of tomorrow. Legend Group Records’ mission is to provide music fans with groundbreaking talent through its diverse stable of independent artists, labels and songwriters around the world. Legend Group Records works with a very select group of the industry’s top multi-platinum record producers, engineers and consultants who are collectively responsible for some of the music industry’s most successful artists of all time. In addition to global distribution, Legend Group’s licensing division offers artists placement in feature films, television series and new media content. For more information contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at

About the orchard

The Orchard, now in its 25th year, is a full-service music distribution company operating in over 45 cities worldwide. The Orchard’s comprehensive artist and label service offering leverages innovative technology, transparent data analytics and expertise to reach fans and grow audiences. Offerings include digital and physical sales and marketing, advertising, synchronization and brand partnerships, rights management, video monetization, collaborator distribution and royalty accounting, publication administration, and more. . Championed by an exceptional community of music lovers and experts, The Orchard empowers creators and entrepreneurs to grow and adapt in the dynamic, global industry.

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