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One-Punch Man Chapter 141 reveals devastating bond between Tornado and Garo

Tornado and Garo are two of One-Punch Man’s strongest characters – but having the power to obliterate their enemies isn’t their only similarity.

A punch houses all kinds of heroes and abilities. He’s got a crazily overpowered bald man, an extremely lucky man, and even a hero whose power eats up. That being said, it’s also home to various characters, good and bad, with psychic abilities. Tornado, also known as the Terrible Tornado, is undoubtedly one of the strongest, if not the strongest, of them. Her cold and brash personality may make her obnoxious at first, but she takes her job as a hero seriously. She looks like Garo in that sense.

Even though they stand on the other side of the battlefield, Tornado and Garo are top notch fighters who can take out most of their opponents. Garo has proven this repeatedly by defeating high ranking members of the Hero Association. Likewise, Terrible Tornado single-handedly did enormous damage against the Monster Association. However, it turns out that their similarities don’t end with power alone.

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Garo says the old man in One-Punch Man

When Garo was introduced, he had only one goal: to get stronger. His name was Hero Hunter, and he stuck with that pseudonym. He would hunt heroes, especially those of the upper classes, and wipe them out in an effort to test his strength. However, this badass act and aggressive personality hide a heart that feels. This is evident in his interactions with Tareo, the boy who subconsciously fed him information about the heroes. Garo even saved the boy from torture and he killed the Ripper King, Tareo’s torturer and kidnapper. Recent A punch chapters show the conclusion of the fight between Garo and Bang. When Garo woke up from his berserk mode, the first thing he did was save his master, proving once again that he really does have a heart.

Tornado was introduced in the same way as Garo. She is Blizzard’s older sister and is several times stronger than her, which is also why she strives to increase her power. However, Tornado kept telling him that she was a nuisance and that she needed to get away from him as much as possible. Blizzard was not the only victim of such treatment. Saitama was once the target of his verbal abuse, and Genos tasted his psychic powers to defend Saitama. However, this turned out to be just a front to keep her younger sister safe.

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A tornado gets angry in One-Punch Man chapter 141

This was clearly shown in chapter 141 of the manga. Tornado instantly went mad after seeing Blizzard’s injured condition, despite the fact that Tornado herself was in an even worse condition. She also sought out Child Emperor and Sekingar to hold them accountable. Lucky for her, Blizzard knew her true feelings no matter how hard she tried to push her away, literally and figuratively.

Obviously, both Garo and Tornado have some degree of emotional blockage. Even though they do care about others, they are far too proud to admit it, resulting in the awkward and drastic actions he manifests. Garo cares about the child Tareo and does everything possible to prevent him from hurting himself. However, the same cannot be said for his affection for his master. Likewise, Tornado just couldn’t bring himself to openly profess his love for Blizzard. This results in hurting not only her sister, but also herself.

Garo and Terrible Tornado are prime examples of Tsundere characters. While it will be interesting to realize that they also have emotions, it will be interesting to see how they overcome such a characteristic – or indeed, if they are ever able to do so.

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