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Opening of a new 5 km road link to Bokeo International Airport in Laos

VIENTIANE, July 10 (Vientiane Times/ANN): The construction of a 5 km four-lane road will enable rapid travel from the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone to Bokeo International Airport, making access to the area much easier than in the past.

The road has an asphalt surface and work crews are planting trees along both sides of the road to make it more attractive.

The road is now open to the public, according to the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone. The construction cost of more than 50 million US dollars (over 332 million yuan) was financed by Dok Ngiew Kham Group.

The road is now the main artery connecting the provincial capital to the airport.

The road is 18 meters wide, including a median strip two meters wide.

Besides providing a quick and convenient connection to the airport, the road will facilitate operations in the economic zone, in terms of investment, business and infrastructure, as well as the overall development of the Triangle Special Economic Zone. Golden.

The road has lampposts in the center, while the planting of trees and shrubs will make it one of the most attractive roads in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

Meanwhile, the construction of an additional international airport in Bokeo’s Tonpheung district is now 75% complete, with the facility expected to be open for domestic use by the end of this year, and for international travel. a little after.

The newly opened airport is located 5 kilometers from the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone and its upgrade to an international facility is expected to boost the economic development of Bokeo province.

The new airport is being built to accommodate an anticipated increase in the number of tourists visiting the area, particularly people traveling to the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, which contains a number of recreational facilities.

The new airport is located close to the Golden Triangle special economic zone and covers 300 hectares. It will be the second airport in Bokeo province, in addition to the existing airport located in Huayxai district, the provincial capital.

This airport is being expanded to meet the growing demand for air travel in the region. – Vientiane Times/ANN