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Outrage over fake news about vaccines-leukemia link

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health categorically rejected false and inaccurate information, which could be considered an attempt to sabotage the vaccination campaign, that Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines can cause leukemia.

The ministry’s strong denial comes after a video titled @Feed 4Mind posted on TikTok said China’s vaccines are high-risk and people who are inoculated with them can get leukemia.

Health Ministry spokesperson Or Vandine called for an immediate halt to the dissemination of false information and asked the relevant authorities to take legal action against the tik tok video.

“I totally reject the publication of this fabricated and inaccurate information, designed to sow confusion and deliberately pollute society. I ask people to immediately stop spreading this false information. I will ask the authorities to investigate and fine them (those responsible for the video) as punishment,” she said.

Dr. Quach Mengly, Founder, President and CEO of MJQ Education, yesterday shared his thoughts on young people who share or post fake news about vaccinations, saying it was considered an act contrary to the ethical and affect society.

He added that all types of vaccines could be very effective and he believed that whatever type of vaccine is useful in protecting people against death and infection from Covid-19.

“I advise young Cambodians to use social media such as Tik Tok and Facebook across the country not to share or post fake news or misinformation about vaccinations because if they do, it will create a movement social and will affect their participation in the government fight against Covid-19,” he said.

Dr. Seng Chhun, deputy director of Preah Ket Mealea Hospital in charge of first aid, said yesterday that vaccines given to Cambodians are effective in preventing Covid-19 infection, especially Sinovac and Sinopharm.

He added that all vaccines are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and many people around the world receive these vaccines.

Dr. Chhun added that currently the rate of severely infected people has decreased significantly and the number of deaths has been reduced because Cambodians have come forward to get vaccinated and follow health measures, especially the 3 things to do. do and 3 things not to do.

“I think posting fake news about vaccination is bad behavior and because it is an immoral act, I ask other young people who use Facebook or Tik Tok not to follow and share this message,” he said. -he declares.

Phnom Penh resident Tep Bunthoeun said he did not believe getting vaccinated with Sinovac and Sinopharm would lead to leukemia.

He said such fake news and misinformation could have a devastating effect on society, especially as Cambodia battles Covid-19, especially the Omicron variant.

“I urge social media actors to stop posting false information that could cause further unrest and harm society,” he said.

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