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Patreon competitor Fanfix launches ‘SuperLink’, an in-bio linking platform for Gen Z creators • TechCrunch

FanfixGen Z-focused Patreon-style platform, today announced the launch of SuperLink, a self-contained, monetization-focused in-bio link platform that displays a creator’s Fanfix page.

Fanfix has previously partnered with various linking companies in bio, including Koji, Beacons, and Hoo.bee. However, the company claims that many of its creators asked Fanfix to create their own version of the feature. He adds that 90% of his referrals come from biographical links or Instagram and Snapchat swipes. More and more creators are looking for a way to connect audiences across all their social media platforms and of course promote their paid content.

SuperLink is free and 46% of ad revenue goes to creators. In comparison, YouTube Shorts would intend to give its creators 45%.

“Fanfix grew to 10 million users so quickly by focusing on monetization and putting creators first. Fanfix has helped thousands of creators monetize their passions and turn content creation into a lasting career. We We’re applying those same philosophies to our new products,” co-founder Harry Gestetner said in a statement. benefits of joining their favorite creators’ member clubs. Platforms have taken advantage of creators for so many years, so we’re thrilled to launch the most monetization-centric and creator-first link bio on the internet.

Major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are often criticized for ignoring the wants and needs of influencers. Patreon Founder and CEO Jack Conte has been open about his contempt for Facebook and InstagramMeta-owned platforms that soften “the creator-subscriber relationship,” he said.

In August, Meta received a lot of criticism for making changes emphasize algorithmic curation on both of its platforms. While rival TikTok’s algorithmic approach helps creators gain followers quickly, the lucrative part is not so easy.

The launch of SuperLink comes as Link treea link-in-bio space juggernaut, announced its “Payment lock” (currently in beta) function yesterday, which allows visitors to access a purchased document. The company has other monetization solution tools like Linktree Marketa tipping feature, as well as a “request link” allowing visitors to pay for requests such as personalized videos.

Linktree currently has over 30 million users, but Fanfix tells TechCrunch, “We expect to eclipse Linktree within 12 months.”

Fanfix is ​​Gen Z focused and only about clean content. It is aimed at an audience of 13 to 24 years old. Some notable influencers on Fanfix include social media influencers Cameron Dallas, Madi Monroe, Brooke Monk, Anna Shumate and more. It currently has over 9.6 million registered users (including two million monthly active users and 2,000 creators) – impressive growth for a one-year company. Founded in 2013its rival Patreon had a total of only 100,000 registered users less than a year after its launch, which included 50,000 fans (aka patrons) and 15,000 creators.

Picture credits: Fanfix

Fanfix says it has processed hundreds of thousands of transactions to date, and individual creators are making millions of dollars on the service. The platform is very selective about which creators it accepts – they must have 10,000 followers on their social media accounts and match Fanfix’s “brand image”. Creators will not be accepted if Fanfix does not believe they will convert.

Creators can charge fans whatever they want for membership, but the minimum monthly subscription cost is $5. One downside is that Fanfix takes a 20% commission, allowing creators to keep 80% of the revenue. For comparison, Patreon charges monthly fees ranging from 5% to 12%, depending on the subscription plan.

The platform was launched in August 2021 and was co-founded by Harry Gestetner (22) and Simon Pompan (23). Shortly after launch, they brought Dallas – a 28-year-old creator with millions of followers – on board.

Simon Pompan (left) and Harry Gestetner (right). Picture credits: Fanfix

SuperOrdinarygrowth partner and marketing expert, Recently Acquired Fanfix eight figures, marking its first investment in the creator space. Fanfix notes that its creators will benefit from SuperOrdinary as the company provides access to a portfolio of over 140 mainstream brands, including Farmacy, OLAPLEX, The Honest Company and more. Soon, Fanfix creators will be able to collaborate with SuperOrdinary and sell products in their online storefronts.

Fanfix launched several monetization features. In March, Fanfix rolled out a pay-per-message feature, “Tip-to-DM”, allowing fans to chat with creators by paying between $3 and $500. According to Fanfix, the top few hundred creators earn thousands of dollars in posts. In general, the feature generated around seven figures, which is half of the company’s revenue.

Additionally, Fanfix plans to continue adding new monetization features to the growing platform, such as one-to-one calls and personalized videos, as well as venturing into podcasting and gaming.

In December, Fanfix will launch a live streaming capability allowing creators to put a paywall on their streams and provide additional benefits to subscribers like live podcast episodes, Q&As and more. Fans will be able to watch live streams of their favorite creators, chat in real time, and tip creators of any amount. Earlier this month, Patreon finally launched a native video function; however, it has yet to launch the live stream.

Updated 11/28/22 2:30 PM with a correction to the sentence that reads: “Linktree has 23 million users”. The service now has more than 30 million users.