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Pay attention! WhatsApp link on free mobile recharge is a hoax

Hyderabad: A message promising a three-month free top-up to prepaid subscribers is widely shared on WhatsApp.

People claim that the free top-up is to celebrate Harnaaz Sandhu’s coronation.

The message asks users to forward the message to others to take advantage of the offer.

Checking the facts

The viral message is a hoax.

NewsMeter discovered that the post did not name any telecommunications service providers.

When we clicked on the link it took us to an unauthorized page. The page further read “Can I top up for free?” Click below to view ”, and asked us to click a green button that says“ Check Now ”.

We then noticed that many users had commented saying that they had received their free top-up. However, the time and name of their comments was the same each time we refreshed the page.

Clicking on “Check Now”, the page also says “Thank you, check it!” We also noticed that the top of the page had a hashtag from Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. Hyderabad was included as one of the free charging places.

After a few seconds the page automatically asked us to enter the cell phone number to get the three month free top up.

The page further read “Anyone in your Telangana area can top up for free!” Please enter your mobile number below. ‘