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PDS takes over a 50,000 square foot warehouse

Wellingborough-based print, design and supply partner PDS (Print Data Solutions Ltd) has acquired a 50,000 square foot warehouse close to its headquarters at Park Farm Industrial Estate.

PDS acquired the site in response to increased demand for storage capacity and to enable the company to scale its customer stock and fulfillment operations with greater agility and flexibility in accordance with customer requirements.

The new warehouse can accommodate 5,000 pallets and provides access to more than 1,500 picking faces.

Nick Shelton, Managing Director of PDS, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new warehouse and believe this acquisition will make doing business with PDS even easier as we can now offer more flexible solutions and give access to a space that will help our customers improve their efficiency and achieve greater speed to market.

“Engaging with PDS as a warehouse partner helps customers reduce their own capital investment and reduce costs by sharing storage resources. The new facility also provides an improved working environment for our processing and storage teams, which improves their well-being as they have the space they need to more easily achieve our business goals.

“The warehouse, located on Sinclair Drive, also includes a purpose-built space for our fulfillment team, allowing them to achieve more streamlined workflows. Additionally, we can accommodate larger volumes of non-standard stock.

“At PDS, we take our commitment to the environment seriously and are committed to reducing our carbon emissions by 5% each year to maintain our Planet Mark certification. We are able to reduce our energy consumption in the warehouse by installing motion sensor lighting and reducing the overall number of vehicle movements.

“Since we finalized the purchase of the new warehouse, the PDS logistics team has been working to transform the space and move in our existing stock as well as new equipment. The logistics function is fully integrated into our unique technology, the system innovative PDS+ online inventory management system offering greater accuracy and transparency, in particular thanks to real-time reports.

“In addition to providing increased capacity and flexibility to our customers, we have succeeded in securing our business for the long term, allowing PDS to work towards achieving its ambitious growth objectives.”