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Perfectly Designed Link Outfit In Animal Crossing

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player perfectly recreated Link’s clothes from The Legend of Zelda with an outfit straight out of Hyrule.

A Animal crossing: new horizons player shared an iconic crossover outfit this week with a recreation of Link’s clothing from THE Legend of Zelda series. Since its release in 2020, Animal crossing: new horizons has inspired players to make a myriad of creations, including others inspired by THE Legend of Zelda. The game offers a wide range of customization options, clothing and items which allow for huge choice when it comes to design.

The renowned The legend of Zelda The series has been around since 1986, and the clothing worn by protagonist Link has remained largely unchanged since the very first entry. Called in most titles Green Clothing or Hero’s Clothing, the Classic Green Tunic and Brown Belt can even help protect Link from damage in some iterations of the game. Animal crossing The series, on the other hand, is largely about player creativity, tasking players with building a city through design and infrastructure. The last entry, New Horizons, has given gamers more options than ever when it comes to aesthetics, not only for players’ cities, but also for their personal fashion choices and appearance. Players can buy clothes in Animal crossing clothing store The Able Sisters and accessories from a pop-up store run by a skunk named Kicks to create a seemingly endless amount of outfit combinations.


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Reddit user e_to_the_m shared his own creative mode this week with a perfect recreation of Link’s The legend of Zelda outfit. They dressed their character from head to toe like the classic character, from their blonde hair to the brown boots. Outfit includes clothing from the game Phrygian Cap, Sprite Costume, and Ancient Boots. They also included Link’s iconic Master Sword slung around their character’s shoulder, using a new item sold at Kick’s called Sword in Scabbard that was added in the insanely large. Animal crossing update 2.0. The character’s hairstyle was also added in Update 2.0, included in a new hairstyle pack available for purchase at Nook Stop. Together, they’ve created a perfect recreation of Link’s appearance, with a character who looks set to save the kingdom of Hyrule.

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It’s impressive that this depiction relies entirely on the items offered by the game itself – the player had to diligently check the Able Sisters store daily in order to acquire all the parts they needed. When it comes to recreating fictional characters outside of the Animal crossing universe in the game, players often need to resort to custom patterns to create a more accurate representation. The game’s custom design portal is full of pop culture creations, like Animal crossing made by the community Star wars models, which allow crossover possibilities in the game.

This clever The legend of Zelda-inspired creation shows the enormous amount of possibilities that Animal crossing offers its fans to create themes for their cities and their appearance. The vast item options provided by the game, coupled with a huge community of gamers creating their own designs, make the options limitless for gamers. That a fan wants to design a The legend of Zelda themed town, or just want to dress like Link for the day, Animal crossing: new horizons gives players the flexibility to play their game exactly the way they want.

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Source: e_to_the_m / Reddit

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