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Physical cloud security is now a critical link in the digital transformation agenda

New Guide Explores Reseller Potential of Physical Cloud Security to Unlock Superior Security and Business Intelligence Benefits While Helping Mitigate Rising Cost Base

FRIBORG, Swiss, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new how-to guide has been released by Morphean, a leader in security-as-a-service and cloud analytics, to help security companies understand and embrace the digitized world of physical security. He argues that physical cloud security now plays a critical role in the digital transformation agenda, as AI-powered analytics help unlock superior security and intelligence benefits while helping to mitigate the rise cost felt by many security companies around the world. Europe.

Digitization has ushered in a new era of industry-disrupting hosted security platforms. With the cloud providing the essential infrastructure, exciting new technologies and systems are emerging that enable the sharing of powerful data-driven insights from surveillance data. These benefits relate not only to improved security, but also to operational intelligence to improve efficiency and profitability for end users. It will increasingly be security professionals who can combine a physical security skill set with knowledge of the cloud, networks and systems, who will reap the rewards of the future.

However, as the cost of living crisis deepens with energy and fuel prices at their highest levels in decades, the guide explains that cloud, AI and analytics present multiple economic benefits for partners. Moving to the cloud not only represents more predictable budgeting and recurring revenue for the partner company, but also leads to cost savings by making better use of people and internal resources, while helping them gain a competitive advantage at as customer requirements change rapidly.

Download the guide: Why the cloud is now essential for the physical security industry

Physical cloud security, billed per device per month, gives the partner a path to more sustainable revenue growth and contracts to leverage by selling more features. Additionally, with the cloud, a highly skilled technical engineer can configure systems remotely, not only saving money on fuel, but also performing multiple customer tasks in the time it would take to configure a single system on a customer site. Selling and deploying faster and more efficiently represents a better return on the individual’s salary investment.

Other key areas covered in the guide include the potential of the cloud to help companies improve their cybersecurity posture and how trusted partnerships can lead to long-term success.

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