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Pico Neo 3 Link releases for €450 in Europe with hopes of rivaling Quest 2 – Road to VR

Pico Interactive primarily targets enterprise users outside of China, but the company has now taken a major step into the European consumer market, as it has officially launched its new Neo 3 variant, Pico Neo 3 Link, which offers both a stand-alone and PC-connected capability.

Update (May 25, 2022): Pico announced the news in a tweet yesterday, seen below:

The headset retails in Europe for €450, but the Neo 3 Link order page also says the device can be pre-ordered to ship to the US, priced at $415, as well as other countries. other countries outside of Europe. We’ve reached out to Pico to see if these prices and availability are official, and we’ll update them here soon.

The original article follows below:

Original article (April 13, 2022): Called Neo 3 Link, the headset aims to straddle the PC VR and standalone headset segments by offering integrated PC streaming over Wi-Fi 6 or a tethered DisplayPort connection. It’s apparently the same hardware as the Pico Neo 3 Pro, although it’s aimed at consumers.

For now, the company is pitching the headset as a sort of consumer beta, asking early adopters in Europe to help them improve the Pico Store, payment system, social media…everything a company needs to compete. with Meta in consumer standalone VR.

Image courtesy of Pico Interactive

Pico announces the launch of pre-orders for Neo 3 Link from April 15 in a number of European countries, first in Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands, at a price of 450 €. Pre-orders end May 23.

Neo 3 Link is also coming to the UK from June at £400, with other European markets added at monthly intervals. That’s exact price parity with an equally equipped Meta Quest 2, not including the “Elite” style strap that Quest users must purchase additionally.

“In Asia, Pico is already the leading provider of consumer VR headsets in China and will bring the beta program to new markets such as Japan and Korea. Pico will target VR fans and gamers with its new Link headset; users will participate in a unique beta program where feedback informs future product development,” Pico said in a press release.

In addition to being able to play SteamVR titles over Wi-Fi 6 or connected DisplayPort, the company says its native standalone Pico Store offers over 200 VR apps such as SUPERHOT VR, Puzzling Places, After the Fall, Walkabout Mini Golf, Elven Table Tennis, and Demoo.

Pico Neo 3 Link Specifications

  • Display: 5.5 inch SFR TFT at 3664 x 1920 (773 PPI), refresh rate up to 90 Hz
  • chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Storage: 256 GB
  • Link: Wi-Fi 6, DisplayPort (DP Link cable included)
  • Sensors: 4 room-scale 6DOF sensors
  • Controllers: standard ‘Touch’ button layout, optically tracked
  • Hygiene: replaceable PU face pad with antifouling coating