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Plans for new Trans Pennine Trail link between Godley Green and Hattersley – Quest Media Network

Plans for a new road section of the Trans Pennine Trail between Godley Green and Hattersley have been revealed.

The Trans Pennine Coast-to-Coast Trail (Route 62 on the National Cycling Network) uses primarily non-traffic trails connected by roads.

This section of the trail currently leaves the traffic-free wooded road at Godley and uses the busy A560 before joining the roads and back roads at Hattersley.

The plans were initiated by Sustrans and Tameside Council.

Sustrans offers a new route via Underwood Road with a series of new cycle paths, bridleways and crossings. It would include 20 new measures they say would improve accessibility and safety for people walking, using mobility aids and scooters, cycling or horseback riding.

The charity wants to hear from locals about their views on the plans.

Anyone who uses the Trans Pennine Trail now or would like to use it in the future can provide feedback in an online survey.

Improvements suggested as part of the link include modifying existing barriers and paving the trail without traffic to allow more people to access the trail, especially people with disabilities and young families.

Several improvements are also suggested along the proposed new link route, in particular around Godley Hill, Hare Hill Road and Underwood Road. These include improving the surface area and width of the old bridleways and existing roadways, eight new pedestrian crossings and safer crossroads.

Check out the full proposal here.

Tim Hollins, Network Development Manager for Sustrans in the Northwest, said: “We would really like to hear from people on their views on this proposed route. beloved path.

“Since the pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in the number of people using the Trans Pennine Trail and other routes in the National Cycling Network. This has highlighted the growing importance of access to local outdoor spaces for all. and safer places to walk, cycle or use travel mobility aids.

“This much-needed missing link for the trail will connect thousands more people to provide safer and easier access to this very popular path. In addition to providing more green space and access to nature, the link will help a lot. more people to give up the car and get active in their daily travels in east, south and central Manchester. “

Councilor Warren Bray, Executive Member of the Tameside Board for Transportation and Connectivity, said: “It’s great to see such an investment in our walking and cycling routes and this proposal will improve a popular trail to make it easier, safer and more attractive for healthier and greener use. , more sustainable travel options.

“Residents know their neighborhood best, so I urge people to have their say to help create the perfect itinerary.

Councilor John Wilson, President of the Trans Pennine Trail Partnership, said: “It is essential that we encourage everyone to participate in this survey, not just local residents but also the wider Trans Pennine Trail community which has already used this section of the TPT. and want to support these much-needed improvements. It is important that we all support this proposal to provide a fully accessible multi-use section of the TPT within Tameside. ”

The 370-mile Trans Pennine Trail stretches from Southport to Hornsea, mostly over old railroads, towpaths, and riverside paths. It is popular as a challenge route from coast to coast and appreciated by the many communities it passes through. The route is also part of the E8 long distance walking route.

The Godley Hub, which was recently restored by local volunteers, is located on the Trans Pennine Trail near the planned link.

Anyone can have a say in the changes to the Trans Pennine Trail between Godley Green and Hattersley.

The deadline for comments is January 15, 2022.

The Trans Pennine Trail is part of the National Cycle Network. Learn more about

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