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Play as Link in Super Mario Maker 2 with the new Zelda Ninji Speedrun course

THE Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Maker 2 just added a new crossover event. Nintendo just released a special Zelda Ninji Speedrun course for fans to play the role of Link and shoot arrows around the blocky world of Super Mario. Fans can only play the course titled “Link’s Lightweight Longshots” for a limited time in November, so don’t miss your chance!

According to a Nintendo Tweet, the launch of the new Zelda-on the Ninji Speedrun theme in Super Mario Maker 2 comes as part of the celebration of the release of Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda system this week. Zelda game and watch includes three iconic titles from the franchise, the original The legend of Zelda, Zelda II, and Link’s Awakening– on a retro-looking handheld computer inspired by the original Game & Watch systems produced by Nintendo in the 1980s. It is primarily marketed as a collector’s item, but fans can still enjoy classic games for nostalgic enjoyment.

Released in 2019, Super Mario Maker 2 offers gamers the creative freedom to create their own Mario worlds and routes, available on the Nintendo Switch platform. Besides the creative mode, it also comes with a story mode with around 100 built-in lessons for fans to enjoy all the fun of blocking, collecting coins and dodging cannons.

Previously, Link came in version 2.0 of Super Mario Maker 2. The character always carries around the Master Sword and its ubiquitous bow and arrows. He also brings a pocket of bombs and has a new push-down movement similar to how Mario can pound the ground.

the Zelda-The themed Speedrun is only available in Super Mario Maker 2 until November 21, 2021.

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