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PlayStation players can now link their PSN and Discord accounts

This will allow Discord users to see what you are playing on PlayStation.

PlayStation and Discord

In May last year, Sony announced a new partnership with Discord to eventually integrate the messaging service into the PlayStation Network. Now, it looks like that partnership is coming to fruition as some US users can now link the service to their PSN accounts. The added integration will allow PlayStation 4 and 5 gamers to easily share their gaming activity with other users on the social platform on any device that supports it. Although the feature is currently only available to PlayStation owners in the United States, it is expected to roll out to other countries soon.

Announced in a press release Discord blog post, this new feature will work the same way linking your Discord account to another service works. Once linked, users can view the game they are playing on their console as their activity. Additionally, users can choose to display their PSN ID on their Discord profile. This way Discord friends can easily add you, join in the fun if the game supports cross-play, or at least spark a conversation about a shared love for a game.


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This partnership between Sony and Discord aims to connect gamers around the world. As the Discord blog notes, “Whether you stick to single-player games or like having your friends join in multiplayer efforts, your friends around the world will be able to see all kinds of PlayStation games you’re playing and start a conversation on wanting to step in and play with you.

While this integration is a big step forward, it’s just the beginning between PlayStation and Discord. The ongoing partnership between the two will continue to explore how they can “create great shared experiences for your friends and communities.” Looks like there are more exciting things in store for Discord and PlayStation users.

Of course, Sony’s investment in Discord isn’t the only big move the company announced this week. Earlier, it was revealed that Sony had acquired development studio Bungie for $3.6 billion. What will happen to this investment is still unknown.

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