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PLDT triples its international capacity with the US-Transpacific Jupiter Cable PH link

Manila, Philippines, June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PLDT strengthens its lead among local operators with the most cables terminating in the Philippines by activating the US-Transpacific Jupiter cable system by July this year, and is expected to further improve delivery of services and improve client experience.

The addition of the Jupiter Cable System to PLDT’s infrastructure significantly strengthens the telecom operator’s extensive fiber optic network, providing greater multi-terabit-per-second capacity to customers as well as cable diversity to ensure the ability to reroute traffic in the event of submarine cable cuts.

“Investments in infrastructure like Jupiter enable PLDT to provide the vital connectivity that powers our digital economy, allowing us to help transform the country into a globally competitive and digitally empowered nation,” PLDT and Smart FVP and Head of Group of Companies Jojo G. aka Gendrano.

“Specifically, it will fortify The Philippines’ position as the next strategic data center for global hyperscalers,” added Gendrano.

PLDT’s investment in the Jupiter Cable System expands and strengthens the capabilities and resilience of the telecommunications leader’s existing undersea fiber links to deliver massive amounts of inbound and outbound data traffic to the United States. -United.

Jupiter uses an “open cable model”, which allows consortium members to scale capacity as needed by investing in technologies that increase data throughput.

Currently the largest among Philippine telecom operators, Jupiter is expected to increase PLDT’s international capacity from 20 terabit/s to approximately 60 terabit/s to the United States and Japan consolidating its lead and ready to evolve with the growing demands of digital services. These include the provision of Cloud services, Fintech and rich media content, which seamlessly complement PLDT’s existing fixed and mobile services.

The Jupiter Cable system is a joint project of global providers spanning 14,000 kilometers from the United States to the Philippines, bringing the total number of PLDT’s international cable systems to 17.

Jupiter is key to improving the resilience of PLDT’s cable network, increasing the diversity of PLDT Group’s submarine cable routes, and helping ensure customers with sustained capacity availability to meet their growing demand for data and continued digital transformation.

Currently, PLDT operates the most extensive international submarine cable network in the country and is expected to grow further with the completion of two other major international cable systems, namely Asia Direct Cable (ADC), and the APRICOT cable system. which should be completed within the next two years. .