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PM, Home Minister, UP CM link Kanpur perfume trader to SP, Akhilesh denies

Kanpur/Hardoi/Unnao, Dec 28 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday attacked the Samajwadi party and said “heaps of ‘money’ had been recovered from a perfume merchant following tax searches, while Akhilesh Yadav vehemently denied his party’s links to him.
Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh were speaking in Kanpur after the inauguration of the Kanpur Metro.
Prime Minister Modi said the SP is still trying to claim credit for the projects and asked if he would also take credit for the money that was recovered.
Computer raids were carried out at the residence of Kanpur-based businessman Piyush Jain at his home and factory in Kannauj and over Rs. 200 crore was found.
While the BJP claimed to have links with the SP, the party denied it.
“They are used to asking for credit… When boxes of banknotes were found, I wondered if they would ask for credit,” Modi told SP in an apparent joke, without naming the perfumer.
“Before 2017, the scent of corruption was sprayed on UP, and it stands again. But they’re quiet about it, don’t show up for credit. The pile of notes that the whole country has seen is their achievement and their reality. UP people watch everything,” he said.
Meanwhile, Chief Minister Yogi talked about banknotes coming out of a wall.
In Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, Home Minister Amit Shah said the SP leader had had a “stomach ache” during income tax raids, “now they’ve been quiet”.
“How did a perfumer get Rs. 250 crore? Have you ever seen Rs. 250 crore?” Shah said.
“Who does this money belong to? It is money stolen from the people of UP,” he said.
Yadav, however, said his party had no connection with Jain and criticized the chief minister for lying.
“There can be no bigger lie than to say that we have ties to this person,” Yadav told reporters at Unnao.
“Government had asserted that black money and corruption will end with demonetization. No chief minister can speak like this, who is responsible if such amount of money is found? Where does the money come from? Did he come by air, road, train or waterway?
It also proves that demonetization has totally failed. The government said corruption and black money would end. How is it that such a quantity has been stored?” he wonders.
The war of words comes as the election campaign in Uttar Pradesh is in full swing, with political parties holding several rallies and public awareness programmes.
The state goes to the polls in early 2022.