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PM Slog: Link’s New Stations Are Working Again, GOP Retreats From Presidential Debates, Stops Talking To Strangers In Bars For Now – Slog PM

Will the new Link stations become the new escalators? Charles Mudede

What is responsible for the sharp increase in car theft? New laws that prevent police from engaging in very dangerous high-speed car chases. KOMO reports that thieves now know they can get away with a stolen car because the arms of the police are tied up by these misguided liberal lawmakers. Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs executive director Steve Strachan told the outlet, “I think this is the best evidence we’ve seen that the law change has created an environment in which I was lured by criminals”, whatever that means. Of course, the protection of property is more important than the protection of life. We understand that this is how the right sees the world. But we live in very high-tech times. Do you feel me? Right now I can walk into a fully automated grocery store. Currently, banks can move billions with the press of a button on a keyboard. Right now, a satellite knows the exact location of my cell phone. But when it comes to recovering a stolen car (a very massive object), there’s no other option than a good old-fashioned car chase. It’s curious, isn’t it?


Thus, the pandemic is still not a thing of the past. And its reach into the future grows every day. Philadelphia has finally given up the whole sad game of believing that COVID is nowhere but behind us and, according to the Seattle Times, announced a return to “indoor mask mandates,” a policy that actually worked. So far, Governor Jay Inslee wants to hear nothing about masks and vaccination mandates. It is an election year.

It must be said. There’s a class of bar guys (especially male bar guys), who think it’s A-OK to talk with complete strangers. They want to yell at you because it’s the American way. But the pandemic has not stopped sickening and killing people. He sent nearly 1,000 Americans to meet their creator just yesterday. And you want to chatter without a mask? Yammer like it’s 2019? You are a fucking foreigner. You don’t need to talk to me. It’s not worth the risk at all. Close your trap and drink your drink.

A word from Rich Smitha lover of Glo’s:

Glo’s, Capitol Hill’s beloved tiny brunch, is just $64,000 away from meeting its fundraising goals. Tomorrow marks the last day of the campaign, and they still have $20,000 in matching funds available, so now is the time to shell out the cash to get them across the finish line. As I mentioned last month, owner Julie Reisman says she needs the money to offset a pandemic-related spike in construction costs at their new location higher up the Hill. The architects working on the new spot have sent over some renders of the new layout, and it looks quite stylish. If you have the money and can manage it, donate here to help make these renders a reality. High rollers who donate $25,000 will earn breakfast for life, but there are other fun incentives for those who don’t have those kind of coins to deposit.

You can help make this Glo’s dream come true. Courtesy of Glo’s

Thanks Rich!

The new Link light rail stations (U District, Roosevelt and Northgate) were all down between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. today. According to My Northwest, the culprit was a “failure of the fire safety system”. So at one point today we had three stations going down as well as the International District / Chinatown station going down escalators, Westlake station going down escalators, Beacon Hill station going down elevator and the descending elevator and escalators at Capitol Hill station. Sound Transit, “I’ll tell you one more time before I get off the ground / don’t [always] knock me down / No, no, no, no, no / Ooh-ooh-hoo.”

Russia threatens to go nuclear if Sweden and Finland became members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an organization which should have been dismantled in 1991, the year of the dismantling of the Warsaw Pact. And why wasn’t it? Because one of the main functions of the capitalist state is to withdraw large amounts of excess capital from the economy. For half a century, NATO has offered the American state a source-sink for this surplus. He just couldn’t let go like the new Russian capitalist state could. As always, it was Marx who first sensed something of this necessity when he wrote in Grundrisse: “The impact of the war is obvious, because economically it is exactly as if the nation threw part of its capital in the ocean.”

A damaged Russian warship with big guns and everything sank into the Black Sea.

Uncle Sam wants YOU (in debt):

The GOP has voted to no longer engage with the Commission on Presidential Debates, a bipartisan organization that was created in 1987. The reason for leaving? RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: ‘It’s biased…’ Meaning it was asking questions that were too difficult for Trump.

Always watch out for Letitia James, AG of New York. She does not play. What drives gasoline prices up? Corporate greed. What did you think? Was it a matter of supply and demand? Too much money for too few goods? Did you really believe all that scarcity nonsense they teach neoclassical economics? Also, James is black. And black people have a long tradition of getting in good trouble.

April finally became the cruellest month in Seattle:

And Tacoma:

Easter begins tomorrow. With that old tradition in mind, let’s enjoy this hard-hitting work of Israeli R&B by Dennis Lloyd, “Nevermind”: