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PM Slog: Step Away From Link Trains This Weekend, Joe Kent Makes Massive Gains On Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, GOP Now Hates Trump For Everything

The way things look now in two important congressional races? Kim Schrier’s lead over Matt Larkin is stable. But Marie Gluesenkamp Perez on MAGA Joe Kent is running out of steam, and fast. He is only 6,600 votes behind. Perez was ahead by 10,000 points yesterday. In short, this is not good news because only 70% of the votes were counted. This race is very much in tune with the times, but the trend for Schrier is certainly much better. I will be sad if we get this Kent. The fall of Clark County will clearly indicate the direction this race is taking.

Thank goodness the Seahawks are in a German city this weekend. A clusterfuck has been avoided as Link will not have meaningful train service this weekend as the line between Capitol Hill and SODO stations will be down. If you can’t drive like me, use the subway and stay away from Link.

Tiffany should consider moving to Idaho. His people are there.

A lesbian governess? Did I live long enough to experience this in Oregon? Damn! It’s time to bite into this piece called: Join Idaho. What should Democrats say about this? Sure. You can only become Idaho if DC becomes a state. Idaho is all yours.

The Typewriter Eraser Carving Trick it was once at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and again at the Paul Allen Museum of Pop Art? It sold for [a cool] $8.4 million…at Christie’s New York.” It was part of what is now the “largest [sale] in the history of auctions” (1.6 billion dollars). The money, it is said, will go to this institution that billionaires love too much: charity.

A mediocre work of art is now worth $8.4 million? Let’s read about it David Ricardo, the 19th century British economist and gentleman:

Certain goods [have a value] determined by their rarity alone. No labor can increase the quantity of these goods, and therefore their value cannot be diminished by an increased supply. A few rare statues and paintings, rare books and coins, wines of a particular quality, which can only be made from grapes grown on a particular soil, of which there is a very limited quantity, are all of this description. Their value is entirely independent of the amount of labor originally required to produce them, and varies with the wealth and various inclinations of those who desire to possess them.

While our mayor worries about graffiti, but another Seattle pedestrian was killed by a car. This loss of life occurred while I was gathering the PM you are reading now. Will there be another pedestrian hit before I finish writing?

Arizona now:


It was the mainstream media for 6 months (if not more). It just didn’t stop. It was RED WAVE. RED WAVE that. RED WAVE everywhere. And that didn’t happen. Nothing like. Not even close. But the blasting of this nonsense certainly had an emotional impact. My feeling is that the advantage of the American right over the American left is that you can only be first if you are sensitive to the suffering of others. It means that you are sensitive to your social environment. This means that the blasting of all kinds of nonsense (CRTs, caravans, red waves – in short, the evil of others) comes from a segment of society that has the sensitivity of an alligator and impacts (with considerable force ) a segment that has the sentience of a human being.

GOP, say goodbye to Michigan: “For the first time in four decades, Democrats are waking up to a state in which their party controls the House and Senate, a feat not seen since the early 1980s.”

G.O.P.get ready to say goodbye to Pennsylvania:


GOP flavor of the day? Blame Trump for their poor mid-term performance. It had nothing to do with abortion rights activism, the push for college debt forgiveness, or low employment. No. Everything was Trump. Just him and nothing else. WSJ: Trump is the Republican Party’s biggest loser.

American Innocence:

I just learned a few days ago than Erik Blood’s masterpiece Touch screens came out 10 years ago. Here is what I wrote about the job in 2012:

I listened Touch screens a hundred times. I know the case inside and out. I like when an album seduces me so completely. The extreme weakness of my lines of defense against the force of Touch screens’12 tight tracks is a source of continuous pleasure for me. Something close to Barthian enjoyment is felt when one surrenders to the erotic sounds and vaporous spirit of Touch screens‘ maker, Erik Blood. Blood is a local musician/producer/sound engineer who has released two solo albums (one of which is a soundtrack to the Brazilian film Center of Gravity) and has worked with Shabazz Palaces, THEESatisfaction and the Moondoggies.

Yes, Erik Blood now lives in Los Angeles (sad emoji), but let’s not get into all that and just listen to my favorite song from touch screens, “Luther”.