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pmpml: Pmpml feed bus link to metro stations next week | Pune News

Pune: The city’s public transport utility, PMPML, would roll out a feeder bus service on metro lines starting next week to boost last-mile connectivity.
The Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMMPL) and MahaMetro officials have jointly conducted a series of meetings and site visits over the past few days on the two metro sections to explore possible routes for the food service . PMPML’s food service buses would run within a 5-6 km radius of each subway station.
A PMPML official said, “Our teams and MahaMetro officials visited the metro stations. MahaMetro has suggested routes and areas to cover as part of the food bus service. We prepare the bus journeys accordingly. Rates would be charged according to PMPML’s existing rate structure. Buses will drop off commuters near metro stations.
Metro services began on two routes covering a distance of 12 km. Commuters can currently board metro trains from 10 stations.
The PMPML official said: “We will be seeking feedback from commuters as this will be our first attempt to provide a link bus service. We will review passenger feedback and make necessary changes as per the requirement. We will have to work with the municipal administration to obtain slots near the metro stations for the buses to stop.
Subway commuters emphasized feeder bus service at least to the 5 km outskirts of all subway stations. Navi Peth’s Pankaj Joshi said people could walk 500 meters to reach a metro station, but beyond that they would prefer private or public transport.
MahaMetro officials said they were in talks with autorickshaw unions and aggregators for last-mile connectivity.
“We received a positive response from PMPML. MahaMetro will provide all necessary assistance to operate the food bus service. MahaMetro also has a plan to provide bikes and e-bikes at stations,” one said.