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Rhett & Link’s Mythical wants foodies to get sporked

Rhett McLaughlin and Neal linkit’s Mythical made his first foray into publishing.

Focused on gastronomy Sporke launched today filled with vital information as a definitive ranking of uncomfortably sexy cereal mascotsan (objectively correct) argument for why it should be normal to eat sauces like soupand “why easter candy absolutely tears.”

Led by the old Food & Wine senior digital editor Justine SterlingSporked will post a hodgepodge of shots, trials, lists, rankings, new product reviews and food news of the day, a Mythical representative says. Tubular filter.

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Mythical – owner of McLaughlin and Neal’s long-running YouTube series Good morning mythical as well as comedy group Splash– decided to launch the site after McLaughlin got stuck at the grocery store, trying to remember which pot marinara sauce he and Neal ranked #1 in a past episode of Good morning mythical (17.5 million subscribers).

He opted out of rewatching the episode in the middle of the store, but thought to himself, What if there was a text version of Good morning mythicalhis years of culinary discoveries?

And so, Sporked was slipped into the Mythic Furnace. Now, it’s emerged with the goal of “being the go-to source for all grocery aisle (or online payment) decisions,” says Mythical.

In addition to naming Sterling its editor, Sporked called on Gwynedd Stuart as editor-in-chief, more Jordan Myrick and Danny Palumbo as staff writers.

McLaughlin and Neal are also expanding their culinary portfolio elsewhere: the duo are expected to host Food Network/discovery+ To display Inside eatspremiere April 24.