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Saturday Night Takeaway’s Jordan North Slides Live

Tonight’s episode of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away saw an unintentionally funny moment during the “Happiest Minute of the Week” segment when Jordan North forgot what day it was.

During presenter Jordan’s live link as part of the show’s weekly segment – which celebrates those who have gone the extra mile to help others – he visited a restaurant in Finchley, north London, to surprise his manager Seah Arad with a “Takeaway Getaway” holiday gift. for which his friends and family had named him.

As he walked into the restaurant, Jordan exclaimed, “Hi, sorry to bother everyone, I know you’re having tea on a Sunday night. Sorry! Saturday night! Saturday! Saturday! Sorry!”


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No one in the restaurant seemed to notice the mistake – although the studio audience laughed a lot – as Jordan went to chat with Seah and handed him the envelope, aiming to complete the task.

Meanwhile, viewers watching at home noticed Jordan’s mistake, with a in writing: “A bit of class from the show………..even better to know that you were working on Saturday night takeout ET said “Sunday night” when entering this restaurant! […] Such a thing Jordan!”

Jordan North surprises restaurateur live on Saturday night take-out


Some viewers also spotted a restaurant patron who looked puzzled in surprise as Jordan and the film crew walked through the doors.

A fan of the show captured the moment and shared it on Twitter, to which Jordan tweeted his apologetic response:

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Reacting to the puzzled dinner, another onlooker tweeted: “This guy made me laugh too. His face was a picture.”

“My daughter and I laughed at this man’s face” noted another spectator.

Jordan told Seah that his loved ones nominated him for the gift because he worked so hard at the restaurant, and he also thanked him for providing free meals to local children during the pandemic.

Elsewhere on the show, hosts Ant and Dec announced a milestone for ITV’s mental health campaign Britain Get Talking, which originally launched in 2019 on England has an incredible talent.

To mark the milestone, the presenting duo announced that Britons had started more than 100 million “new or more meaningful conversations” since the campaign launched.

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Take Away airs Saturdays at 7 p.m. on ITV.

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