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SHIB beats MATIC, LINK, MANA as number 1 asset for whales: report

Youri Molchan

Popular Meme Coin Beats Major Altcoins on ETH as Biggest Whale Holding


  • Whales hold $646 million in SHIB
  • Nearly $3 million worth of LINK bought by whales

A recent report from on-chain data platform WhaleStats shows that SHIB remains the coin Ethereum whales are still placing the highest bets on. Right now, this canine cryptocurrency tops the list of top ten assets held by these investors.

On this list, Shiba Inu left other popular altcoins – MATIC, LINK and MANA, which also occupy the first places among the investments of ETH whales.

Whales hold $646 million in SHIB

In a recent report, WhaleStats states that Ethereum whale addresses contain a total of $646,310,721 worth of Shiba Inu, and this second-largest cryptocurrency meme ranks first on the list of top ten assets.

Other altcoins including top MATIC, MANA and LINK are behind Shiba. Whales hold the equivalent of $140,143,669 in MATIC, $127,079,523 in MANA, and $112,672,798 in LINK.


According to the aforementioned data service website, MANA is currently the most widely held token among whales on the Ethereum chain and SHIB is the largest token by USD value.

Nearly $3 million worth of LINK bought by whales

The same source reported that earlier today, two whales acquired chunks of LINK which together are worth nearly $3 million.

Whale by the name of “BlueWhale0088” bought 159,866 LINK valued at $1,269,340. The investor titled “BlueWhale0079”, who is also often seen speculating on large amounts of Shiba Inu, added a total of 199,999 LINK to his portfolio, paying over $1.5 million for it.

LINK ranks 10th on the list of ETH whale holdings.