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SHIFT LINK is the brand new hub system that connects the real and virtual experience

SHIFT LINK is the latest hub system that provides seamless connection of devices and equipment, services and the people who use them.

The modern age is filled with limitless technological possibilities that can be extended through substantial innovations around the world. The Shift and aircord have joined forces to create SHIFT LINK to deliver operating systems and experiences that bridge the virtual and real worlds.

SHIFT LINK systems are designed independent of specific platforms or hardware, allowing stability and flexibility in any environment. The platforms come with various environments that suit them, like game engines like Unreal Engine 5 and Unity and international web standards. Devices that can be flexibly supported include, but are not limited to, sensors, touchscreens, displays, and AR, MR, or VR devices.

SHIFT LINK was developed from the aircord and business philosophies of The Shift. the name aircord is derived from a vision of “to be a hub for different things like “air” and to connect different things with technology like a “cord.’” The Shift is a company made up of a different creative collective of global artists and creators with diverse skill sets. The company has realized and led many projects that “change” concepts and ideas and go beyond the barrier of creativity, design and technology.

SHIFT LINK is feature-rich that provides flexible support for different digital environments, expands designs by generating digital data suitable for the environment, and connects different devices at the same time via worldwide remote access.

It can create flexible interfaces by connecting the real and virtual worlds. It does this by supporting different gear, the metaverse, and XR devices. It can provide freer designs for digital content using NFTs and digital signage that can be designed through generative design systems.

Additionally, SHIFT LINK’s systems will be designed to enable simple remote updates and connections to platforms. This can be achieved by building the latest standard web technology and game engines like Unreal Engine 5 and Unity.

In the meantime, SHIFT LINK is being used at JAL SKY MUSEUM, Japan Airlines’ experiential museum. It opened in May 2022 at Haneda Airport Maintenance Center. Updates and changes to display content and facility management access could be done through a simple interface accessible through a web browser.

There will be an AR glasses demo available. This is a demonstration of an in-car experience using AR glasses. A new in-car experience is created, along with digital content. All of these can be updated and adjusted from anywhere. The system will also endeavor to integrate spatial reconnaissance technology to obtain information from the external environment.

SHIFT LINK plans to embrace the possibility of the future, connecting more people who want to experience virtual and real environments through design and technology. In addition to this, they plan to use SHIFT LINK in exhibition installations by showcasing content that mirrors information from virtual spaces into actual exhibition spaces. It can also be used for remote maintenance and management of equipment to ensure optimal operation and exposure quality.

SHIFT LINK can also be used to create automated content through generative processes. It can produce complex, context-aware content using not only pre-programmed algorithms, but also different data from sensors. It can also produce content with the added value of proof of ownership via NFT collections.

It also plans to offer cross-platform support that avoids disruptions in using a single content base for multi-directional development and exposure. The optimal shapes can adapt to different devices, from smartphones and standard screens to augmented reality.

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