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SimplyGo EZ-Link gives you unlimited cashback with every tap, save money on MRT journeys

SimplyGo EZ-Link offers 10% unlimited discount on MRT and bus journeys until September 30

Getting in and out of gantries and MRT buses are usually common gestures that we don’t think much about.

But with inflation being such a hot topic and concern, many of us could sweat the dollars and cents we spend every day now, including our transportation fares.

Every penny counts when it comes to saving money. Besides downgrading your caifan options, there is another easier trick: upgrading your existing EZ-Link card to a SimplyGo EZ-Link map.

Source: SBS Transit

Unlike the normal EZ-Link card, the SimplyGo EZ-Link The card offers you, among other things, cashback and more convenient ways to manage your account.

Here’s how to get the most out of your future travels.

Get cashback when you ride the bus and MRT

Living in Singapore, many of us who take public transport are familiar with the EZ-Link card, our trusty travel companion.

SimplyGo EZ-Link

We often type the card on the reader without thinking, at most checking if the stored value is sufficient for our next trips.

Back then, reloading our EZ-Link cards meant queuing at ATMs.

SimplyGo EZ-Link

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But since 2021, the EZ-Link mobile app has allowed us to top up our cards from virtually anywhere, even on the go.

SimplyGo EZ-Link

Source: EZ-Link: Transact, Get Rewarded on the App Store

If reloading and using our cards means spending money, that’s not quite the case when you switch to the SimplyGo EZ-Link map.

The SimplyGo EZ-Link card rewards you with 10% unlimited cashback every time you press an MRT gate or bus card reader from here to Sep 30, 2022.

SimplyGo EZ-Link

Image courtesy of EZ-Link

You could think of this as a sort of discount, since you’re essentially spending 10% less on your fare.

Upgrade now to SimplyGo EZ-Link for an instant S$2 refund

If there’s anything Singaporeans love more than discounts, it’s freebies. People who have not yet switched to a SimplyGo EZ-Link card are for special treatment.

Merely switch to one SimplyGo EZ-Link card at any ATM and a cashback of S$2 will be instantly go in your card – enough to cover your next MRT or bus journey. Now you’ll have even more reason to leave.

You can also get S$0.50 back every time you top up S$10 or more to your SimplyGo EZ-Link map. To receive it, you will need to activate your EZ-Link wallet through the EZ-Link app as the cashback will be credited there.

Other benefits you will enjoy with your SimplyGo EZ-Link on the app include:

  • Pay for purchases at selected merchants
  • Reload cards on behalf of others
  • Track your travel expenses and transaction history
  • Earn reward points for every transaction, which can be used to redeem coupons for Tung Lok Group, Swensen’s, Shell and many more
  • Card blocking to prevent unauthorized use
  • Receive instant alerts and updates via push notifications
  • Enable auto-recharge

Gone are the days when your EZ-Link card just took you on public transit.

Upgrade at any ticket machine

Get your hands on a SimplyGo EZ-Link card is easy – or should we say, “EZ” – and can be done in many ways.

To upgrade an existing card, simply head to any ATM to make the change, which should only take a few minutes.

I told you it was EZ.

Alternatively, if you don’t already have an EZ-Link card, you can get one. SimplyGo EZ-Link card right away by purchasing one at these TransitLink ticket offices.

For more information, visit the SimplyGo EZ-Link website here.

You can also follow EZ-Link on Facebook, Instagram and their official website for more exciting updates.

Saving money on rides is as easy as 1, 2, 3

These days a big topic is the rising cost of living and what everyone can do to save as much money as possible.

As commuting remains an indispensable part of everyday life, some may be resigned to the fact that there is nothing they can do to spend less in this area.

However, you just need to know where to look and what to do. With the right tools and resources, it doesn’t take much effort to save a little on trips that take you to all the places you need or want to visit.

This post has been brought to you in collaboration with EZ-Link.

Image featured by EZ-Link & MS News.