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Space Station gift shops? Dream Big World will link retail to space tourism

lifestyle brand Dream Big has partnered with aerospace component maker Orbital Assembly (OA) to (eventually) create an in-space retail experience. Until then, customers will be able to access virtual components through physical land locations and metaverse offerings.

At the recent GITEX 3.0 X-VERSE event held at Dubai World Mall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, OA and Dream Big World presented plans to create retail opportunities on the Pioneer and Voyager space stations, which will serve as destinations for space tourism, commerce, recreation and research .

“This is the first of many real estate lease agreements that we expect to sign as we develop and launch these resorts, industrial and commercial,” said Rhonda Stevenson, CEO of Orbital Assembly, in a statement. communicated. “This is also the first marketing and merchandising opportunity on a space station that we believe will foster significant extraterrestrial brand marketing opportunities.”

Immersive VR and 3D experiences simulating the space station environment will be available at Dream Big World retail stores in Dubai and Cancun, Mexico, as well as other global and metaverse locations.

“Ultimately, we plan to open the first store in the space, but in the meantime, we will introduce the Dream Big World physical spaces and the DBW Metaverse,” said Juan De Lascurain, artist and founder of Dream. Big World in a statement. “Dream Big World customers will be able to enjoy different digital experiences using VR, NFT, digital fashion and the metaverse, including the experience we are developing with Orbital Assembly.”