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Sports betting, tips, sites, casinos and the growing connection between them

Esports is an exponentially growing market, hugely popular with a younger demographic that grew up around video games and whose primary forms of entertainment include consuming video game-related content, knowing top sites and tips for betting on it.

Over the past decade, there has been a growing trend of video game-based spectacle and entertainment through competitive gaming, solidified by the COVID-19 quarantine lockdown. Tournaments broadcast on streaming platforms, like Twitch and a gambling marketplace, focusing more on using the conveniences of online services, are a heavenly marriage.

They can be mutually beneficial and add a new element of fun to esports. As online casinos expand around the world for an increasingly digitized market, feel free to try your luck at these new Australian online casinos.

Sports betting, tips, sites and casinos and the growing connection between them

Many forward-thinking casinos around the world are realizing the potential benefits of the esports market. They have started branching out to include sports betting in their catalog of online gambling services to produce a solid stream of entertainment and benefits. But for those who might not know the meaning of esports and its connection to gambling, let’s get up to speed by summarizing the nature of esports and its connection to current casino culture.

What does esports mean?

Esports is the short form used for electronic games. Although the term can include online casino games, it is primarily used to refer to playing video games competitively. They serve as a spectacle for an engaged public interested in the final result of the match. These video games can range from multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs), first-person shooters, battle royales, and even sports games.

The first country to realize the true potential of esports was South Korea. Their government at the time established the Korean Esport Association, the first government body in the world to regulate video games as a national sport. 2000s games such as Starcraft I and II, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Hearthstone and DOTA 2 became global sensations that attracted millions of players.

A dedicated percentage was willing to master the mechanics of games and stream their progress on platforms like Twitch for revenue, views, and referrals. As with any real sport, esports players need constant practice to hone and develop the skills needed to succeed in any game.

Seeing the popularity of professional gaming, tournaments with prizes up to millions of dollars organized by private game publishers such as Riot Games, Blizzard Activision or Valve have become recognizable events. They attracted millions of viewers, with professional players and teams becoming household names in the esports scene.

How are casinos and esports interconnected and the best tips for betting

When people think about how betting and esports are related, they may think about how classic casino games have followed esports. Poker games have followed a very similar pattern to what esports is currently experiencing. Esports is now seen as a potential revenue stream for mainstream casinos by young adults willing to spend money on esports-related gaming activities.

The results of such investment in electronic gambling have been seen during the lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the UK, the gross return from esports gambling fell from £250,233 in 2019 to £4,616,610 in May 2020.

The first efforts to incorporate competitive esports into legalized gambling began in 2017 in Las Vegas. The first esports arena, the Hyper X Esports Arena, has opened at the Luxor Hotel & Casino. Blockchain-based sportsbook Unikrn partnered with MGM Resorts International to offer esports tournaments at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino the same year.

GameCo’s collaboration with data and analytics company GRID in 2020 is another great example of the symbiotic relationship between esports and legalized gambling. GRID’s esports data and streaming services have been integrated with GameCo’s video game machines for a more responsive experience.

Some casinos and gaming organizations have also successfully partnered with esports organizations through sponsorships. One of the very first examples of this was when North American esports organization Complexity Gaming was officially sponsored by WinStar World Casino and Resort in 2018.

When it comes to placing bets on sports betting sites, the process is not unlike classic online sports betting systems. It is necessary to register, proceed to the required export betting section and select your preferred betting option. Some of the most commonly found options available in sports betting are:

  • Game winner: Bettors bet on the ultimate winner of a single match.
  • Tournament winner: Players bet on the winner of a particular team or player in a tournament.
  • first card: Players decide which player or team will win the first map or round played. These types of bets are very popular for first person shooters.
  • First murder: Some esports bookmakers will allow players to bet on which team or player will get the first kill in the match.
  • Odd or even bets: Bet on whether a specific game stat or characteristic – kills, rounds, games or cards won – will end in an odd or even number.
  • under or over: The bookmaker provides odds on whether certain outcomes will end above or below a set number.

Esports is a growing and evolving market in the world of gambling, and we are excited to see its evolution in the future.

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