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Take a look inside the new North by Hotel Covington

The developers and the Covington Business Council hosted a tour of North by Hotel Covington, an extension of the original hotel on Madison Avenue on Wednesday, which is slated to open in October.

The renovations encompass the building next to the Covington Hotel, which was historically the Covington YMCA.

The original hotel is located where the old Coppin’s department store and the old Covington City Hall used to be, at the corner of Madison Avenue and E. 7th Street. Local property investment firm, The Salyers Group, is behind the original Covington Hotel and the northward expansion.

The view from a second floor walkway of the original Covington Hotel looking north.

Covington Business Council Executive Director Pat Frew led the tour along with Salyers Group Chairman and CEO Guy can Rooyen.

Salyers Group CEO Guy van Rooyen gives a tour of the interior of the extension. Photo by Kenton Hornbeck.

“We’re back,” van Rooyen said of the Covington Hotel bookings. “We are 18% above our pre-pandemic levels. Travel is back and we think now is the perfect time to reset this property and restore it to its former glory. It’s a former YMCA that has some really cool touches.

North by Hotel Covington is part of a $26 million Phase Two development plan, which expands the company’s footprint by one city block. The addition will include 53 luxury suites, 10,000 square feet of office space, a new bar and a ballroom that can accommodate up to 500 people.

Inside the VIP penthouse.

Inside the development, the tour revealed room layouts, VIP penthouse layouts, and exceptional views of Madison Avenue and the Covington skyline. The rooms have amenities such as a kitchenette and high ceilings.

Interior rendering of a guest room at North by Hotel Covington. Photo by Kenton Hornbeck.

The former YMCA swimming pool is treated and covered with glass so that visitors can reconnect with the old life of the building.

The original pool.

“As we moved this huge structural wall, we actually found the pool
of the original YMCA,” van Rooyen said. “We’re going to restore the tile and we’re putting a glass cap on top that you can walk on just to show guests what it was like.”

Lights hanging from an artificial ceiling inside North by Hotel Covington. Photo by Kenton Hornbeck.

Other unique aspects of the building’s design, such as the turret at the corner of E. Pike Street and Madison Avenue, were on full display.

“This turret was torn down in the 60s by a tornado, so we restored it,” van Rooyen said. “We felt it’s a pretty big corner in Covington with so much real estate.”

A view of Madison Avenue behind the turret.

John Coppin, the department store’s founder, won a bet on a longtime horse named Knowledge to get the funds needed to start his retail store, according to legend. The North by Hotel Covington pays tribute to the winning horse by naming its new lobby bar the “Knowledge Bar and Social Room”.

To the north by the new lobby of the Covington Hotel and the shell of the Knowledge Bar and Social Room. Photo by Kenton Hornbeck.

The Salyers Group opened The Covington Hotel in the summer of 2016. In 2022, The Covington Hotel was named the Best Lodging Property in Greater Cincinnati and the #1 Hotel in the State of Kentucky by US News and World Report.