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Tanuj Virwani on His Ties to Akshara Haasan and Jennifer Winget: I Want to Protect Some Aspects of My Life and I’m Fiercely Private About It | Hindi Movie News

Despite being the son of a popular Bollywood actress of yesteryear, Tanuj Virwani is slowly but steadily forging his own path in the industry with his acting prowess and movie choices. ETimes recently sat down for a one-on-one with the young actor where he opened up about the pros and cons of being a celebrity, addressing relationship rumours, taking advice from his actress mother Rati Agnihotri and movies that he can’t wait to see in theaters. Excerpts…

Some big movies have been ringing box office cash registers this year after a lull due to the pandemic. Is there a movie you’re super excited to see this year?
Yes, it’s great that the cinemas are running at full capacity. I recently opted for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” and it was quite an experience. I think the movie I’m most looking forward to is “Pathaan”. I am a big fan of Shah Rukh Khan. We haven’t seen it on screen since 2018, so I’m really excited for that one.

With the return of cinemas, do you think this would affect the OTT business?
I think there was a sea change in the entertainment landscape over the past few years before the pandemic hit. OTT has carved out a massive niche for itself. Now that theaters are open, I think the big, larger-than-life movies will continue to hit theaters while low- and mid-budget films will find a much better life on the OTT platform. It will be up to the creators to decide.

As a celebrity, is it difficult to distinguish between what is professional and what is personal?
Of course, it is an acquired art. It’s not something I was very good at early in my career. I felt like my life was an open book and I’m not ashamed of anything I do or anyone I associate myself with. Over time, I realized that it was better to proceed cautiously. You let your audience in but there’s a part of me that I would like to voraciously and treasured and keep close to my heart. I have become more private when it comes to certain aspects of my life. It’s something you need to keep working on.

Your relationships have often made headlines in the past, whether with Akshara Haasan or Jennifer Winget. How do you manage this?
There is actually nothing to fix. Sometimes you’re dating someone and it’s not talked about, and someone you’re not dating and you bond with your friend. I chose not to add fuel to this fire. It’s the media’s job to speculate and it’s the public’s job to wonder if it’s true. It’s my job to live my life like a normal person. As I mentioned earlier, I want to protect certain aspects of my life and I am fiercely private about it.


Do you discuss work with your mother? Does she give you advice on movies?
Yes, I discuss my creative and acting choices a lot with my mother. I’d be stupid if I didn’t, since I have a film encyclopedia at home. We have interesting, fun and healthy debates and conversations. I always come out of conversations more educated and enriched. I’m really grateful for that.