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Taraba bandits could soon join Ambazonia militants in Cameroon, Rep warns

A federal lawmaker, Rimamnde Kwewum, has asked the House of Representatives to order the deployment of more troops to the Ussa local government area in Taraba after warning that the bandits could soon internationalize their attacks.

Ambazonia is a breakaway state occupying the South West and North West regions of Cameroon. The region is a conflict zone where separatist militants continue to engage the Cameroonian army.

On Wednesday, Kwewum said it was timely for the Nigerian military to mobilize more troops to root out terrorists attacking the area and restore normality.

He said that the terrorists who murdered six soldiers from the 93rd Battalion of the Nigerian Army at Takum in the LGA had pursued the destruction of the Takum settlements relentlessly.

Mr. Kwewum further said that over the past few weeks, more than 30 people have been killed, adding that dozens of settlements and villages have been attacked and we are still vulnerable to further attacks.

He noted that in the latest attacks, the terrorists attacked innocent and defenseless people and moved freely from Takum to Ussa, shooting at motorists and pedestrians.

The representative said that killings and destruction had become daily occurrences and that in several communities, terrorist attacks, harvests in fields and houses destroyed.

He said the communities’ call and several patriotic House resolutions for stronger state and federal intervention have gone unheeded.

Mr. Kwewum added that agricultural activities had been virtually disrupted in the region which produces a large percentage of the country’s food needs.

According to him, given the proximity of the region to the Ambazonia vs. Cameroon conflict, the bandits will not internationalize the crisis in the distant future.

He added that they would also be easily linked and collaborate with Boko Haram cells across the Nigerian border.

The Chamber therefore urged intelligence agencies and operational security agencies to identify the routes and camps of terrorists and their local collaborators to get them to book.

The Chamber also urged the National Emergency Management Agency and other dynamic organizations to step in to provide relief materials to the affected communities.

House committees on defence, national intelligence and human rights have also been mandated to interface with the armed forces and ensure compliance and report back to the House within 14 days for further action. legislative.