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The Link Between the Metaverse and Gaming NFTs by CoinQuora

Guzzler: the link between the metaverse and NFT games

The metaverse is the internet on steroids. It’s a 3D place shared by millions of connected users where anything is possible. And with multi-billion dollar companies going so far as to rebrand themselves to adapt to the metaverse, it’s safe to say we’re on the cusp of a revolution!

There has been a remarkable explosion of blockchain game projects at the conjunction of NFT, Player-versus-Player (PvP) and Play-to-Earn (P2E) models. The number of active blockchain gaming projects doubled in 2021 alone, reaching over 400 projects, with the gaming user base quadrupling in the last two months of 2021.

One such game that has generated hype and a sense of WAGMI in the gaming community and crypto investors is the NFT-based gaming project, Guzzler. Guzzler is considered the most popular running game on the blockchain while being a portal to the larger metaverse.

So what is Guzzler and what awaits it? Keep reading to find out.

An overview of Guzzler

Guzzler (GZLR) is a crypto game project for car racing enthusiasts and car designers. The game features customizable and usable cars, wheels, body kits, color mods, and performance parts to create as NFTs to travel through the game and beyond into the metaverse.

The project reinvents “travel” through the metaverse indicating that the game can go beyond the confines of strict racing and even be useful in the wider metaverse for driving and renting, among other things. The GZLR community currently consists of 4,540 $GZLR holders and 18,623 members and is growing rapidly.

GZLR was launched on a decentralized crypto startup incubator, YashaDAO, which offers an investment ecosystem. The features of the launchpad itself are quite remarkable as they have extensive and rigorous project verification processes, such as recorded live video calls, 2FA with phone numbers, watchlist verifications and background checks, before registering on the platform, thus leaving only credible projects to be filtered through. The launch pad has also incubated innovative projects like Clifford Inu, Pochi Inu, Maneki-Neko, PlantDAO and World Peace Token.

GZLR is also KYC-certified by reputable crypto KYC firm, Assure, and appears to be going all the way to ensure its investors and community are safe and committed to the project.

GZLR: NFT in play and potential

GZLR is more than just a car racing game. GZLR players have a metaverse of possibilities to engage with the GZLR ecosystem, such as buying, upgrading, racing, and trading performance cars, wheels, and parts. The vision of the project is to allow players to have true ownership over base game assets that are more customizable.

The game, in its recently launched beta version, offers three racing modes; drift, drag and circuit, all available to play online for free. Moreover, the game can be played in single player mode or with multiple players, in online or offline leagues. Gameplay players can earn rewards in the form of NFT and $GZLR by participating in races around the world.

To improve performance in the game, players need to use their talents and improve the equipment of their cars. The added benefit of these customizations is that modified cars, wheels, and body kits can be reissued as new NFTs and used, staked, or rented to earn royalties to racing enthusiasts or their metaverse avatars who don’t. don’t have time to knock. their own cars and body parts.

According to the roadmap visualized in the Guzzler whitepaper, the game will eventually allow people to open virtual garages and in-game car dealerships. This offers great potential for car designers and collectors to customize and design the best cars and market them to the GZLR community!

Open the doors to NFT customization

The project is said to feature a set of carefully selected NFT collectibles in the form of car mods, livery skins and body kits to pique the interest of its community and encourage innovative permutations and combinations of NFT to arise – all in the quest to design the best car that performs best on the circuit.

GZLR’s unique selling point is that its customizable NFTs can be used in open worlds to save users time and effort. GZLR has the potential to deliver a new open-world experience across the metaverse without having to load multiple pages. GZLR is actively hosting giveaways and events on its social media handles through which token holders can participate and earn NFTs for cars, wheels, and parts.

Overall, NFTs have emerged as a new way for motorsport enthusiasts to monetize the ownership of unique collectible cars. 2022 is set to be GameFi’s boom year and it would be interesting to see how Guzzler fares.

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