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This whale buys 143 billion Shiba, while already owning MATIC and LINK

Youri Molchan

The whale that recently purchased a massive amount of SHIB has acquired another big chunk of these meme tokens, while SHIB holds the largest USD value token


  • A whale catches 143 billion SHIBs
  • Terra’s popularity among whales is growing

The WhaleStats Twitter account, which tracks the top 100 wallets on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and other networks, highlights some of the biggest whales that continue to acquire Shiba Inu tokens, as well as Terra (LUNA).

A whale catches 143 billion SHIBs

In a recent tweet, on-chain data service WhaleStats reported that around 17 hours ago, the owner of wallet “BlueWhale0073” added a staggering 143,334,055,785 Shiba Inu to his crypto wealth. This purchase cost him $3,176,282.

On Friday, U.Today reported that the same crypto investor bought 57,979,293,909 SHIB. At press time, however, this whale primarily holds USDT, MATIC and LINK, having either sold all of his SHIB or transferred it to another of his wallets as his balance shows no Shiba holdings at this time.

USDT is currently this investor’s largest holding (72.18% of the portfolio), while MATIC and LINK represent 10.46% and 10.82% respectively.


Terra’s popularity among whales is growing

Another whale, “Bonobo”, bought two pieces of fashionable LUNA – approximately 110,000 pieces in total worth $10 million. The largest holding in its portfolio is FTX Token, which accounts for 71.65% of the portfolio worth $879.1 million.

At the time of writing, SHIB holds the position of largest stake by USD value and APE is the most traded token.

On the scale of the top 10 assets bought by the top 500 Ethereum whales, SHIB holds position 7 and APE is at spot 5, while LUNA is the holder at spot 4.