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TikTok readers can now link their favorite book to videos, but there’s a catch

BookTok members will now be able to link anything they’re currently reading to the video they’re recording, but there’s a catch.

With over 77 billion views, it’s clear that TikTokers love to share their latest book, whether it’s something they read or write.

The popular community has grown so much in popularity that popular stores like Barnes & Noble and Books A Million have even organized sections in their community-shared book stores.

TikTok has announced a new feature for the community that will allow them to share their favorite books in the video.

TikTok launches new #BookTok feature

Revealed in their latest blog post, TikTok has teamed up with popular book publishing service Penguin Random House to give users the ability to link their favorite books in their videos.

Users will only be able to link books published by Penguin Random House but will redirect readers to a dedicated page with details about the book as well as other videos that have linked the same title.

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The feature has already started rolling out to users in the US and UK, and BookTokers can access the feature by clicking “Add link” and searching for “book” before uploading their video.

Fans quickly took to the comments on the Penguin Random House video to share their joy.

One user replied, “LOVE! need to go through all the booktoks I’ve saved over the years!”

“I’m honestly shocked that something like this didn’t happen sooner. Lol I LOVE IT!!” another commented.

A third user commented, “Can’t wait to do this for all my books!!! Incredible innovation.