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Top Biopharmas Strengthens Medical Engagement with Veeva Link Scientific Awareness

Big companies take advantage real-time insights into scientific voice share and product sentiment to fuel more relevant medical communications

PLEASANTON, Calif., November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced that three of the top ten biopharmaceutical companies are now using the newly released Veeva Link Scientific Awareness to gain real-time insights into consumer awareness and sentiment. products. Veeva Link Scientific Awareness provides key success metrics across scientific, digital, and social channels to help medical teams optimize product strategy and effectively educate the scientific and medical community about different treatments.

“Medical teams are moving from volume-based activity measures to value-driven standards that show the external impact of medical activities within the scientific and clinical community,” said Zijian Zhao, Global Head of Medical Portfolio Strategy at Novartis. “Veeva Link Scientific Awareness helps us quickly assess product awareness across all channels to drive engagements that strengthen relationships and improve patient service.”

Veeva Link Scientific Awareness is part of the Veeva Link family of products, a modern data platform that combines intelligent software automation with human curation to ensure accuracy and depth. This helps Veeva Link deliver real-time information in a growing number of areas, including sales, medical, marketing, and clinical. Available in 87 countries, the application analyzes data from more than 300,000 medical conferences and 100 million social publications, organized by more than 1,000 specialists and validated by more than 100 doctors.

“Real-time intelligence is key to understanding the evolving healthcare ecosystem and tailoring engagements with scientific experts to meet their specific needs across all therapeutic areas,” says Kilian Weiss, CEO of Veeva Link. “Veeva Link Scientific Awareness helps medical teams guide more effective communications that deepen product understanding so patients and physicians are better informed in today’s on-demand digital world.

At the Veeva Commercial Summit Europe in Madrid of November 28-30, 2022, Novartis and others will share how they are leveraging Link Scientific Awareness in their organizations to increase expert engagement. Life science industry professionals can register at

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