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TP-Link Tapo cooperates with Matter for easier smart home solutions

Smart home brand TP-Link Tapo will rely on the Matter standard in the future. With this, the manufacturer wants to make the future of the smart home even easier and enable seamless communication between IoT devices.

TP-Link Tapo relies on Matter

At IFA 2022, TP-Link just unveiled many new smart home and networking solutions. Among them were new IoT products from the Tapo division, such as a smart light bulb, security camera and smart doorbell.

As the manufacturer has now announced, TP-Link Tapo will now cooperate with Matter, the new connectivity standard for seamless communication between IoT devices, and even between manufacturers.

“By supporting this new standard, Tapo underscores its efforts to enable users to easily, reliably and equally securely control their smart homes,” says the press release.

The first Matter-enabled Tapo products are expected to arrive at retailers by the end of Q4 2022. Tapo is committed to developing user-friendly, reliable and high-quality smart home solutions.

TP-Link Tapo Matter Devices
Picture: TP-Link

With Matter, they want to make the smart home world simpler, friendlier and smarter as part of the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA), which also includes Apple, Google and Amazon, for example.

Matter: What is it anyway?

The new Matter protocol has been developed by more than 200 global companies and bills itself as an open-source connectivity standard that connects smart home devices from different manufacturers that were previously incompatible with each other under one roof.

The use, configuration, update and control of the corresponding IoT devices are thus combined in the Matter standard and significantly improved.

TP-Link Tapo is one of the first manufacturers to launch corresponding certified products after the introduction of the Matter protocol as early as the end of 2022. These include compatible products such as sockets, switches, light bulbs and concentrators. At the same time, they will also release a new version of the app, which will further simplify the integration of all Matter-supported devices.

At IFA 2022, Eve Systems already presented the first Matter devices, which are also expected to launch by the end of 2022.