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TP-Link unveils HomeKit-enabled smart devices under the Tapo brand

Source: TP-Link / The Verge

Networking and smart home accessories maker TP-Link has just unveiled a new range of HomeKit-enabled smart devices at CES 2022. Three years after promising to add HomeKit compatibility to its existing Kasa smart plug, the company launches its Tapo brand in the US with a line that includes HomeKit-enabled smart plugs, light bulbs, smart dimmers and more.

Like many of the best HomeKit smart plugs, the Tapo P125 Mini Smart Plug offers a compact design that only takes one outlet. Those who want more outlets can opt for the Tapo P306 wall power strip which offers three smart outlets and three always-on outlets as well as two USB-A ports and one USB-C port.

On the lighting side, a few HomeKit-compatible devices are also available. The Tapo L535 multi-color smart WiFi bulb works with Apple HomeKit and comes with adjustable brightness up to 1100 lumens, adjustable light temperature and millions of colors. Similarly, the Tapo L930-5 smart multi-color light strip is also customizable and also offers color segmentation on its 150 RGB+W LEDs. There’s also a HomeKit-ready smart dimmer in the form of the Tapo S500D.

Those in Europe may already be familiar with TP-Link’s Tapo brand, though it will be new to those in the US. That being said, Tapo devices haven’t supported HomeKit in other regions before.

Along with smart power and lighting devices, TP-Link has announced several Tapo smart security cameras, though none of them offer HomeKit or HomeKit Secure Video support.

The new Tapo product line is expected to start rolling out in the second half of this year, according to The Verge. Detailed pricing information has yet to be released.