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Traffic jam feared during Eid travel as construction of Bangabandhu bridge link road not yet completed

| Update:
April 16, 2022 4:25:41 p.m.

A construction company has failed to complete work on the Bangabandhu Bridge Link Road as three years have passed since the start of the project.

The condition of the 22 km stretch of road between the western end of the Bangabandhu Bridge and Sirajganj’s Hatikumrul roundabout is critical. Currently, up to nine places on the road can be classified as “dangerous”, the company acknowledges, reports

Md Ekhlas Uddin, site manager of the HEGO-Mir Akhter joint venture, said they were working quickly to make these risky places safe for traffic.

However, it is unlikely that they will be able to complete the work in such a short time. Ekhlas was unable to explain why the company has been unable to complete construction since work began in April 2019.

In three years, only 50% of the work has been completed, admitted Ekhlas. However, he claimed that the constructions of the bridge, culvert, flyover, underpass and overpass are only 80% complete.

Shahin Sheikh, a bus driver, told “If a minor accident occurs on the highway under construction, we may have to wait for hours and passengers and transport workers will suffer. “

“If there is an accident during the rush home for Eid, there is no doubt that the suffering will only increase.”

The route passes over the Nalka Bridge in Raiganj Upazila. Although the highway has four lanes, the old Nalka Bridge has two lanes. In addition, the roads on both sides of the bridge are damaged, causing traffic jams. A new bridge is under construction next to this bridge. One of the lanes of the new bridge will be open shortly, the firm said.

Hatikumrul highway police inspector Lutfar Rahman said suffering would be reduced if the second Nalka bridge was opened in time. The contractor also wants to repair six high-risk areas of the highway from Hatikumrul to Chandaikona ahead of Eid.

Police complained that the main reason for traffic congestion was reckless driving that disobeys traffic rules. Lutfar called on drivers to stay in a lane according to the rules.

On highway security during Eid, Lutfar said the Hatikumrul highway police station currently has 52 personnel.

“A letter has been sent to the authorities concerned requesting 250 additional people to ensure the security of the highway.”